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NEWS: Muslims Give Christians Their Hijabs to Save Lives in Al-Shabaab Terror Attack

The Bishop of Garissa in Kenya has said that the group of Muslims who recently risked their lives to save fellow Christian bus passengers have shown terrorists that they do not have their support.
is a very good thing; a concrete sign that Kenyan Muslims are against
violence,” His Exc. Mgr. Joseph Alexander said, according to Fides News Agency.

Shabaab now know that they do not have the support of the Muslim
community,” Alexander added. “We hope that we continue in this
direction, because a year ago there was a similar attack that caused a

Kenyan authorities reported earlier this week that
Al-Shabaab terrorists attacked a bus near the northeastern village of El
Wak, and first attempted to separate Muslims from the Christian
passengers. A number of Muslims reportedly stood up against the radical
gunmen and told them “to kill them together or leave them alone,”
While two people died in the attack and another three
were injured, officials say that the sign of solidarity prevented a
larger massacre.

“This forced the militants to leave in a hurry
fearing retaliation by residents from nearby villages,” Mandera Governor
Ali Roba said.

“The locals showed a sense of patriotism and
belonging to each other by insisting that the Al-Shabaab should kill
them together or leave them alone.”

A group of Kenyan Muslims shielded the
Christian passengers and told the attackers they were prepared to die
together on December 21, 2015.
Passenger Abdiqafar Teno shared further details of the attack with CNN,
noting that there were more than 100 people on board the bus. He said
that before the gunmen attempted to separate the Muslims from the
Christians, a number of the Muslims gave the Christian women their
hijabs, and helped others hide behind bags.

Joseph Nkaissery,
Kenya’s interior cabinet secretary, also praised the bus passengers,
saying that they showed unity in the face of terrorism.

“We are
all Kenyans, we are not separated by religion,” Nkaissery said. “We are
one people as a nation. And this is a very good message from my brothers
and sisters from the Muslim community.”
The interior cabinet secretary added that security forces are in “hot pursuit of the criminals.”
Al-Shabaab terror group has been killing Christians in Kenya and around
the region, and back in April carried out a mass shooting at Garissa
University College, killing a total of 152 people, mostly Christian
students. The militants purposefully separated Christian from Muslim
students before murdering the Christians in the attack, which has become
a tactic symbolic of the terror group.

Alexander referred to
another massacre in his comments, however, namely another bus attack on
November 22, 2014, when Al-Shabaab terrorists slaughtered 22 people
returning home for Christmas holidays, focusing on Christians. Less than
two weeks later the Islamic terrorists killed 36 quarry workers in the
village of Koromei as well.

While the Kenyan and African Union
armies have been trying to eradicate the Somalian terror group in the
region, the terrorists have remained active this past year. They have
experienced internal fractions, however, with parts of the leadership
pledging allegiance to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

SOURCE: ChristianPost.Com

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