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ARTICLE: Why You Should Keep Changing Your Workout Plan Every Now and Then?

For all these time you have been trying to lose weight, but nothing
has really been forthcoming. Why then should you cling on the same thing
while there are various different, new and effective methods you can
embark on to achieve great results?
Time has come for you to try something new and that lies in weight
loss exercises. If you want to maximize utilization of calories in the
body and lose weight, then taking to the track is just what you have
been missing. It doesn’t matter where you want to do it – treadmill or
outdoor – running helps the body to burn calories much faster and
effectively. Why is it so? Yes, when the body is on the move, it does
not only burn fat, but it also strengthens certain parts including the
heart and legs.
Going to the track will definitely leave you feeling well and leaner.
If you have bad knees, you can opt for the elliptical machine which
works equally well. Choosing modalities that make you enjoy your workout
regime or cardiovascular modality can be a wise idea. You can decide to
do sprinting, hiking, jogging, cycling, swimming, power walking,
aerobics and spinning – all these cardiovascular exercise are good for
weight loss.
It doesn’t really matter your weight loss exercise choice – the most
important thing is to ensure that the body doesn’t get used to your
weight loss plan – be it nutrition-oriented or workout. It is,
therefore, advisable that you train in different places, do different
exercises, change your workout schedule every now and then, change your
workout intensity, change duration and just keep changing everything as
many times as possible.
The body behaves in such way that it gets acclimatized to any kind of
stress very fast and so once it senses that, it will try as much as
possible to get acclimatized to your workout plan. Once it begins the
process of acclimatization, there is no way you can achieve the intended
 In this case, your body will end up shedding decreased
amounts of fat and hence exert more pressure on your muscles. If this
doesn’t end, you will find yourself asking yourself why things aren’t
working in your favour in terms of weight loss, however, hard you try.
Perhaps, trying something new will change everything. Yes, the moment
you alter your training plan, the body will also want to follow suit
and readjust. By so doing, you will definitely be expending more
calories thereby improving your results. If you can and for better and
faster results, try the much you can to change your workout program
after every 3 – 4 weeks.
Effective exercises for weight loss
The following exercises have been regarded as the best when it comes to helping one lose weight faster

1. Running
Whether treadmill or outdoor, running tops the list of the best weight loss exercises.
It stands out as the most effective when it comes to calorie burning.
Just imagine burning about 100 calories after doing a mile run; don’t
you think this is incredible? The more you burn calories, the more it
becomes cheaper as you will only need to put on your best running shoes
and you are set to go. More so, if you cling to it, it is likely that
you will get used to it and therefore, make it easier for you to lose
and maintain your weight.
2. Elliptical trainer
It doesn’t mean that all
is doomed on your side just because you can make it to the track.
Elliptical training is just as effective as running. The trainer will
take you to task by combining both cardio resistance and running and you
will enjoy every bit of it. It also helps your body to shed the same
amounts of fat considering that elliptical running is easier and
enjoyable. It is actually one of the best exercises for weight loss
3. Cross-Country skiing
This is a wonderful
sport that helps the body learn how to endure stress. It has endurance
effects on the overall body muscles. Besides, it combines both cardio
and resistance exercise. I won’t hesitate to recommend it to those who
live in regions covered with snow.
4. Rowing
A combination of resistance and cardio
exercise, rowing is an effective workout performed for 20 to 40-
minutes but with tremendous calorie burning effects. It is suitable when
done as interval weight loss training. The trick is simple – ensure to
use your thighs and not the upper body strength when stroking.
5. Step Aerobics
If you want to strengthen your
legs, glutes and hips, step aerobics provides you with the best
opportunity to achieve that. Being an effective exercise for calorie
burning, you can rest assured that the end results won’t be annoying.
However, it will all depend on the height of your step and speed.


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