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NEWS: Goodluck Jonathan’s New Year Message To Nigerians

“On behalf of my family and I, I would like to wish all Nigerians a Happy
 New Year. We are all brothers and sisters born from the
 womb of one Nigeria and as I have said previously, we would not be
Nigerians if God did not will it.
 Having found ourselves as Nigerians
 by the divine providence of God, let us celebrate
 our Nigerianness and make
2016 our turning point year in which we embrace
 each other and work as a team to advance the frontiers
 of Nigeria in every field of human 
endeavour. In the 80s, our people sang and
danced to the hit song ‘Nigeria go survive’. 
I am convinced
 that in 2016, Nigeria will not only
survive, she will also thrive and help drive the peace, prosperity and unity of all her people. This is
something we can all look forward to in the New Year and beyond. May God bless you and may God
bless Nigeria. GEJ.”

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