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NEWS: Justin Bieber ‘Has a Heart of Gold,’ Says Pastor Rich Wilkerson

Rich Wilkerson Jr., pastor of Vous Church in Miami, Florida, has
described celebrity pop artist Justin Bieber as having a “heart of
Wilkerson, who has been described by some as a “celebrity
preacher” after officiating the wedding of reality star Kim Kardashian
and rapper Kanye West, told “Entertainment Tonight” that Bieber is trying to find his spirituality while on his celebrity journey.
been thrown into a whirlwind that I’ll never know and so I think on his
journey he’s always trying to figure it out,” Wilkerson told “ET” in a
report that aired on Tuesday.
“Anybody who gets put into that limelight gets a bad rap,” the
minister, who stars in his own reality show “Rich in Faith,” added.
“When you do something good, that gets exploited. When you do something
bad, that gets exploited.”
“People aren’t projects, people are
people. Projects have a start date and a finish date — that’s not
people. People are eternal beings and our job is to love, encourage,
affirm,” he continued, adding, “[Bieber’s] got a heart of gold.”
facing a rash of negative media attention during the past few years,
some have suggested that 21-year-old Bieber is turning over a new leaf
and focusing on growing his Evangelical Christian faith.
with Wilkerson, Bieber has made friendships with other well-known
Evangelical pastors, including Judah Smith of The City Church in
Seattle, Washington, and Carl Lentz of Hillsong Church in New York City,
New York.
Smith appeared alongside Bieber at a recent event held
at the Staples Center in Los Angeles angled at previewing Bieber’s new
aalbum, Purpose. The two men sat alongside each other on stage and discussed spirituality and music.
Smith previously told Fox 411 that
he’s “very proud of Justin,” adding, “What’s amazing about Justin and
many young men today [is] it’s not easy to be a man of faith.”
“It’s not easy to make good decisions,” Smith continued.
think people would be surprised to discover that their challenges and
struggles are not too dissimilar to us, average ordinary people. We’re
all looking for essentially the same thing and I think that’s faith and
hope and love and meaning, and of course satisfaction, peace, joy,”
Smith said.
Wilkerson has also spoken out in defense other celebrities, recently telling “ET” that Kardashian and West “work hard” at their marriage.
The pastor performed the marriage of Kardashian and West in May 2014, and said of the couple: “They’re
friends of mine and I love them. I believe in them and I think they’ve
got an amazing, amazing relationship. I think that they work hard to
continue to make it happen.”

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