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NEWS: Lecrae Says Christians Are Being Stereotyped by Secular Society

Lecrae poses with his award for Best Contemporary Christian Music
Performance/Song for “Messengers” backstage at the 57th Annual Grammy
Awards in Los Angeles, California, February 8, 2015
For months, Lecrae has been adamant about not being labeled a
Christian rapper. Now, he is revealing that he believes Christians, as a
whole, are stereotyped.
“For a lot of people, groups, Christians
included, issues are homogenized and so to be a Christian I’m either
this staunch conservative Republican or I’m this tree hugging liberal,”
Lecrae told CNN last week. “You’re stereotyped. It’s almost assumed that people know what your issues are going to be.”
The 35-year-old Christian rap artist who was the first to
simultaneously top both the Billboard gospel music charts and the
Billboard 200 with his 2014 album Anomaly, has been involved in
the Black Lives Matter movement. Although he took part in the Ferguson,
Missouri, protests after Michael Brown, who had committed a strong-arm
robbery was shot and killed by a white police officer in 2014, Lecrae
admits that he has received flack for it.
“It’s unfortunate that
myself, as a black man, cannot care about the issues that impact the
black community without being seeing as a race-baiter or without being
seen as someone who doesn’t care about any other ethnic groups,” Lecrae
told CNN.
“A Christian is noun. A Christian is a person. I
function, I live life as a Christian and me living life as a Christian
doesn’t mean I’m a sanitized person,” Lecrae, head of the Reach Records
label, told CNN. “It means that I readily admit I’m a jacked up person
and I need a Savior.”
Despite his influence, Lecrae is not interested in using his faith to force people to see things his way.
views as a Christian means there’s moral plumb line that I’m fighting
to adhere to. It’s not say, this is the way the country’s going to run
and things are going to be,” Lecrae said. “Honestly, what Jesus was
about, was laying his life down for the marginalized who didn’t have it
all together.”
In a previous interview with The Atlantic, the rapper and mogul said he believes people have placed limits on the faith.
limited Christianity to salvation and sanctification,” he said.
“Christianity is the truth about everything. If you say you have a
Christian worldview, that means you see the world through that lens —
not just how people get saved and what to stay away from.”
he does not speak against Christian artists who are blatant about their
faith in their music, Lecrae also sees the importance of speaking about
an array of topics.
“Christians need to embrace that there need to
be believers talking about love and social issues and all other aspects
of life,” he told The Atlantic. “Many times, that’s how people see
Christian art, or Christians making art: They see the art as having an
agenda. Christians have really used and almost in some senses
prostituted art in order to give answers instead of telling great
stories and raising great questions.”
Lecrae released his Church Clothes 3 mixtape last week and is gearing up to release his book, Unashamed in May.

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