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NEWS: Virgin Mary’ s” Tears” Soaking Apartment Wall, Drawing Hundreds of Worshippers

 Oil-soaked wall that Catholic family in British Colombia believes is the
Virgin Mary’s tears, as featured in a CTV News Vancouver report
published on January 23, 2016.
A Roman Catholic family in British Colombia believe the tears of the
Virgin Mary are soaking one of their apartment walls in an alleged
miracle, which has reportedly drawn over 300 worshipers to come to the
apartment and pray.
CTV News Vancouver
reported on Saturday that hundreds of people from across Canada are
coming to the oil-soaked apartment wall in Surrey, where devout Catholic
Sanna Lona claims she experienced a miracle.
Lona said three weeks ago she was alone in her bedroom when she felt
someone touch her shoulder, after which she saw the Virgin Mary, who
told her to look at the wall.
The Catholic woman claimed that a
streak of oil formed on the wall, but eventually it spread across the
room, reaching the carpet and the mirror.
Lona’s son,
Salwan Alyais, claims that Mary also gave his mother instructions about
the oil, which the family believes is the tears of the mother of Christ.
said don’t let anyone touch the wall because they’re touching her face,
and she doesn’t want people to touch her face,” Alyais said.
The bedroom, which is now filled with images of Mary, is being kept open for people who want to come and pray.
mother] feels okay and happy, and she says the Mary mother told her the
people come, the door is open, she don’t close, they will visit here
and pray,” Lona’s daughter added.
There were several alleged Virgin Mary miracles reported
around the world last year. In October, a church in Malaysia asked the
Vatican to officially declare a miracle in the form of a statue of Mary
that parishioners said has been documented at various times growing
taller, smiling, and crying.
The alleged miracle was captured on
video during service, with one parishioner describing: “Her eyes were
moving very slowly, all of us were there and we saw it.”
father (the priest) was saying, ‘look at her, she’s looking at us. She
was full of life, she had a lot of tears in her eyes,'” he continued.
“When we started singing ‘Ave Maria,’ she started smiling and her lips were moving.”
Another miracle was reported in September in Sicily, Italy, after a Catholic 
priest led church members to drink from a “secret” water spring that he believed Mary led him to.
doesn’t speak to me or for me — but she speaks through me to everybody,
inviting them to pray, confess and return to God,” Father Alessandro
Minutella from the parish of San Giovanni Bosco in Carini said at the

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