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NEWS: WaW! Bishop T.D. Jakes Shows up in church on ripped jeans

Bishop T.D. Jakes showed up to the pulpit recently without his
traditional 3 piece suits and tie, The Potters House Bishop   wore ripped
jeans to Minister at a meeting.  This started a social media firestorm,
but not for the reasons you might expect.
Yupp, ripped jeans, which he later posted a picture of on Instagram with
the caption, “I want to thank One Church for a great service! Loved the
atmosphere there. The presence of the Lord and the kindness of the
people explain why Hollywood is buzzing about this young church and its
rapid growth! Thanks @toureroberts and @sarahjakesroberts.
When one commenter reportedly told Jakes he shouldn’t be wearing that
particular outfit because it violates the Bible, Jakes responded,
“@dressed_2_impresss Scripture please? I certainly want to comply with
the word. I just missed the one about jeans in the pulpit.”
It appears the original comment has since been deleted. However, the
original commenter wasn’t the only one to find fault with the bishop’s
“I mean the bible doesn’t give us direct counsel on exactly what we
should wear to our bible meetings but think about this…
 We dress better
for job interviews and this kind of look would be considered
unprofessional, so wouldn’t we always want to display our best for God?
Just a thought.
 Not judging. Everybody has a right to make their
decisions on dress,” one commenter posted.
Another: “The jeans are not age appropriate. End of story. Has
nothing to do with him being a minister. If my dad wore these jeans, I
would be mortified. There are plenty of styles out there that would be
more flattering on the Bishop.”
And another: “To the house of God, I would say yes always look your
best… After that you could wear whatever you please… You wouldn’t go in
ripped clothes to visit the president or queen of England, would you?
It’s the level of respect”.
However, many rushed to Jakes’ defense, praising his style and his attitude.
“Pastor TD Jakes be you !!! Love your spirit , you walk with the love
of God in you . May God cover you against (those) nay sayers . God
bless !” wrote one supporter.
Another said they were even in the service when Jakes was preaching.
“@bishopjakes I attended the service yesterday and the word was so….
on time I didn’t even notice you had on jeans, people are worried about
the wrong things,” the commenter posted. “‘Though he slay me, yet will I
trust in him.’ Just know you touched and encourage a lot of people
yesterday, and after I heard your testimony yesterday I have much
respect for you! (emojis)”
What do you think of
 Jakes’ style? Sound off!

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