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DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Dunsin Oyekan – Na You ft Kim Burrell

Abuja, NG — Remember that awesome delivery by the duo of leading gospel ministers Kim burrell and Nigeria’s own Dunsin Oyeakan at The Experience 2015 with the song “Na You“, Yes ! you can now have the
 official release on your  playlist.

Borne out of a music genre called the good spell, “Na You
is a spirited song whose instrumentals are pure and professionally
performed to note. every bit of the song is a deliberate production that
was carefully rehearsed in order to create meaningful companionship
with the lyrics-of-all-time 
at “informed gratitude”.

Have you caught God’s attention lately in a unique way? ”Na You” offers the platform to have Heaven smile at you when you sing the richly concocted song to minister to God.

The song, composed over 6 years ago, has been sung through the lips
of many, and triggered over 6 spin off versions by a number of artistes


Story Behind “NA YOU” 
” NaYou” was written from a personal experience and
encounter with God. It is a shout of victory that reflects on the
goodness of God. As the name implies, it is an exclamation of grace and a
recognition that God indeed is the source of man’s strength. It
reflects on hope, confidence in God’s love and how one’s life can be
radically changed just by surrendering to the Father. It is also an
expression of love , adoration and gratitude to the Creator. Truly, only
Grace guarantees Victory!. ” Na You ” is not overly digitized and the profound words are
timeless, evoking a sensation of concentration and thoughtfulness when
it is being sung. What are we going to say about the Dynamite in Kim’s
vocal output ? her electrifying projection of the verses of ” Na You ”
establishes a connection between heaven and earth.

The song writer and author in his Lead role starts out poetically
with the song and in his typical attribute of brilliance and control,
sets out the song interplay between himself and Kim. The duo then did
justice to the music with such dynamism that audiences can feel parts of
Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Soul, Blues and Classic elements of music in their
delivery. Imagine that!

The synopsis therefore is that hardwork, brilliance and the best of
resources have been put into this song so that God will continually be
Glorified as people open their mouths to sing it all over the world and
they in turn will see Him tabernacle with them.


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