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LYRICS: Mustee Brown- Broken Spirit

Lyrics To Mustee brown hit song,  Titled: Broken Spirit is now released. You can likewise download the song below as you read the lyrics along.
The night is dark and cold 
And with eyes closed everyone is alone
I got stuff in my heart right now
Are you listening somebody hear me out
My heart desire is to lift him higher
Though I have been trapped in this sinful attire
I heard the story about the scape goat 
Sacrificed himself to save my own soul
So hard to believe because I feel guilt
But I know he’s here cos I hear and I see 
Well sometimes I still run to tarshish
I don’t end up in the belly of the fish, why me?
My ship is covered with your grace and mercy
O my God, thank you for this gift
Cos if you leave me I’d live only for me
And if I leave you I’d die in a minute
Yeh! I’d die in a minute…

One thing my God will not despise 
Is a broken spirit and a contrite heart
Have mercy upon me o God
According to your loving kindness o God
According to your tender mercies blot out
My transgressions and my sins to you God
Save me from my iniquity
I acknowledge my faults and impurity
Against thee, alone have I sin
I admit there is no flaws in your speech
Ooh God! Save me I got blood in my hands
So I can write songs without guilt in my heart
Create in me a new heart
And renew a right spirit within me o God
Soak me with your highest soa
Cos if you wash me I’D be white as snow
Let me hear those joyous noise I know
And let the gladness fix my broken bones lord…
One thing my God will not despise 
Is a broken spirit and a contrite heart
My faith has given me peace with God
It is the only reason I belong to Christ
Though am not yet in control like I would
The experience is building my hope to the full
Ama… Learn to always trust his love
Cos he never fails not in his person cos 
He sacrificed himself while I was still an enemy
How many men would even die for a friend?
He died and resurrected so I’d live to the full
He’s not angry at me sin no longer an issue
So I… And no longer sin reign in life
Cos I abound in grace in Christ Jesus
Though religion has gotten my faults x-rayed
Death is is replaced with a life of faith
Not by power nor by might men it’s only by his grace
For the power to create wealth is only in his place
So I shot my eyes in prayers for a better day
And when I open up my eyes I got a lot of ways
We live in a world of misery and pain
But I believe in a God of luxury and gain
This way I got the right mind results activate
For with the wrong mind we all are gonna derail
Formerly the boy got nothing
before his name 
But now am a believer an honorable name 
It’s not about the wealth that we will accumulate
It is our influence that matters so let us concentrate
Memories of bad times am leaving them all for good
To God my guarantor that all will work out for good
I ain’t saying I got it all I wanna be that still
You see am not done yet some how it’s gonna happen men…
Verse 1
is my frustration
verse 2 
is psalm 51 the way of God 
Verse 3 
is Romans 5 my victory in faith 

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