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NEWS: Christian Singer Tim Timmons Proclaims True Joy Despite Cancer Battle (Interview)

Christian musician Tim
Timmons has been living with an incurable form of cancer for 14 years
but says he wants fans to know that despite his ongoing battle, he has
found an unshakable joy.
The singer-songwriter who released his debut album Cast My Cares in 2013 and sophomore album Awake Our Souls in October was first told he would die from cancer five years ago, but has defied the odds. 

his freshman album the worship leader has been writing songs based on
his personal experiences and shares them with audiences on a national
platform. The California native says his music is a reflection of God’s
glory as he finds purpose in living each day to its fullest.
Along with leading worship and touring for Awake Our Souls, Timmons has partnered with K-LOVE TV for a new series, “Timmons Pantry Raid,” which showcases his other passion: cooking.
following is an edited transcript of Timmons’ interview with The
Christian Post in which he discusses his 14-year battle with cancer, his
latest album and new cooking show, as well as his journey to true joy.

CP: How has your battle with cancer changed your life?
Timmons: Well,
I often say my diagnosis with an incurable cancer is not my story, but
it’s the perspective through my journey with cancer that is the story. I
wrote a blog called “The Gift of Cancer,”
which sounds like a ridiculous thing to say, but told how Jesus works
through sorrow to bring us to surrender; surrendering as if He is God
and I am not.
Don’t get me wrong, cancer is stupid, but
Jesus is greater! True joy, that is an actual fruit of God’s Spirit, is
untouchable by circumstance. Many of us walk around happy as big smiles,
but joyless as hell. Jesus says it often how through suffering HIS joy
is made complete in us.
Speaking of joy, this newest
project of mine has been referred to by many as “joy-filled” and I love
that description because it’s true! These days I have more joy than I
know what to do with. And no, it’s not because I do 20 quiet times a day
or because I’m super awesome, but because I am accessing the fullness
that Jesus has for me. He is becoming my hope, not the remedy to what I
am hoping for.
Jesus is becoming more [than] enough to
me than He was last month, and I think that is coming out in my music
and in my life of worship. What’s stealing your joy? Which area do you
need to stop playing king or queen over and surrender it to Jesus as if
He is the King of the Kingdom and knows what’s best for His Kingdom?
Since the threat of having cancerous tumors in your body has motivated
you seek God’s Kingdom every day, what advice do you have for others who
are seeking God?
Timmons: Well, I’ll never say to pursue sorrow, because as my dad always says, ‘just wait a week … it’s coming!’
just it, our seeking first the Kingdom is a daily thing that is outside
of our circumstance. The gift of sorrow is that it breaks you whether
you want it or not. It breaks us of our reign as kings and queens until
we surrender it all over to Jesus. When we are in the “good” times, use
this as practice for the times that are coming! Look to see where in
your life you can rehearse surrendering things over to Him all day long,
saying, “This is not my Kingdom. Jesus lead on today.” I write
a little black X on my wrist everyday, reminding myself to seek Jesus
as King and let Him do His job and I’ll do mine: Just follow Him and
look for Him all day long.
CP: What things did you propose yourself to do differently since getting diagnosed 14 years ago?
Timmons: I
guess there is a different sense of urgency that I live with today. I
wouldn’t trade this journey for anything. I’m ready for Jesus to heal my
body, but the way that He has opened my eyes through this diagnosis is
amazing! Everyday I wake up saying, ‘Thank you, Jesus for waking me up
another day! What do you have me here for today? Open my eyes to see
where You’re at work!’


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