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NEWS: Kirk Franklin Says He Wants to Sit With Sinners

Kirk Franklin is not interested in spending all of his time with
Christians who believe they are perfect, the gospel music songwriter and
producer wants to be in the company of sinners.
“I want to sit where the sinners are…the well sometimes make me sick. #randomthought #losingmyreligion,” Franklin tweeted.
46-year-old “Losing My Religion” recording artist wrote his social
media post after pictures surfaced of him spending time in a recording
studio with rap mogul Kanye West. The gospel music producer said he is
frustrated with sitting around while lost souls are confused by the
lifestyle of Christians.
“Ok…the point of my heart was the subculture of Christianity, where
we just sit and go back and forth can be frustrating. The lost are
dying and confused by our preaching but our living is not always the
same,” he wrote. “I’d rather be trying to win them instead of arguing
with ‘us.’ ..I’m tired of practicing, i want to get in the field and
The concept of Franklin’s twelfth studio album “Losing My
Religion” centers around urging people to rely more on relationship than
the laws of religion.
However, the Christian artist is making it clear that there is nothing wrong with identifying your faith.
would never say that claiming you’re a Christian is wrong. I understand
that there is a human aspect of being able to identify people whether
it’s African American, Hispanic or Asian,” he previously told The Christian Post.
“But the definition doesn’t define the relationship, meaning you can be
married and still not know intimacy. You can be religious and not know
To avoid any confusion, Franklin decided to use a parable to further illustrate his point.
you were drowning in a lake, I drove by you and saw you drowning…if I
jumped out of my car and jumped in the water to save you, you’d be very
appreciative wouldn’t you? When you saw me, you would always speak to
me, you would always hug me,” he said. “Now imagine if you were drowning
and I drove by. Instead of jumping in the water to save you, I stood on
the side to yell ‘kick harder, breathe faster, Stay afloat!”
Franklin continued by asking, “if I did that, and I’m yelling the instructions to you would you be as appreciative?”
minister of music likened religion to the person standing on the side
of the lake and yelling instructions to a drowning individual.
sent His son to jump in the lake to save us. We’re so appreciative of
Him nobody has to tell us to keep the law,” he said. “We automatically
fulfill the law because of our gratitude for him jumping into the lake.”
Franklin, it is important to promote the relational aspect of
Christianity, because he remembers a time when he did not see a lot of
God’s love in religion.
“There’s a
lot of people like me who the system never introduced to the love of
God. Knowing God as a loving father is very foreign to them,” he
previously told CP. “I think most people in mainstream America, they
don’t know God. There’s always more picket signs [saying] ‘God hates
gays’ or ‘God hates abortion.’ But when have you seen a picket sign that
says ‘Jesus loves you?'”
 Source: Christian Post


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