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LYRICS: Jopee & Soul Winners- GRACE || Read For Free

Nigeria comtemporary Gospel Reggae Artist Jopee & Soul Winners
  drops the lyrics to his second hit song, titled: “Grace”
The song GRACE is inspired by the holy spirit. It teaches

 that it is only the grace of God that can prevent us from

 turning back or go astray, he said.
 Jopee & Soulwinners Crew- GRACE lyrics
oooh ooh yeah
more grace lord
more grace i ask for, lord
o lord give me grace
so i will not turn back astray…
o lord give me grace o
help me lord to run this race…
1st SOLO
survival is looking very tough
how can i pursue purpose?
every step is looking very wrong
how can i face destiny?
but i know a God that is strong
he’ll give me strength to stand
and i know a God that is love
he will keep me by his grace…
2nd SOLO
Enemies are not giving up
how can i make it’to this home?
and i don’t know what to pray anymore
can’t even feel your presence
but i know it’s written in your word
the race is not for the strong
and i know i need your grace to run
the race that is set for me…
Guide my ways
direct me
plant my feet
on the rock… (oh lord)

Written by Jopee Dairo.

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