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NEWS: ‘Allah Ordered Me’ to Behead 4-Year-Old Girl, Muslim Nanny Says

A Muslim nanny from Uzbekistan who
earlier this week beheaded a 4-year-old girl in Moscow has said that
“Allah ordered” her to commit the murder.
BBC News reported
that 38-year-old mother of three Gulchekhra Bobokulova admitted her
guilt before reporters on the way to a Moscow court, though she is also
being evaluated for mental problems.

Bobokulova is suspected of waiting
until the parents of the little girl left their flat in the Russian
capital before she killed and then beheaded the young child. Video
footage later depicted the nanny walking around a metro station with the severed head in her hands, before she was arrested by police.
also showed the woman shouting phrases like “Allahu Akbar” (God is
great) and “I am a terrorist.” She later told reporters she was “ordered
by Allah” to carry out the crime.
Other things she was apparently
heard saying included “I hate democracy. I’m a terrorist. I’m your
suicide bomber. … I’m going to die in a second” and “The end of the
world is coming in a second. … I’m your death,” teleSUR reported.
Police have said that the woman also threatened to blow herself up after they asked her for identity documents.
investigators are searching to see if anyone else was involved in the
crime, but so far they are not treating it as a terrorism case.
Prosecutors said they believe Bobokulova had been “incited” to commit the crime, but did not say by who.
woman had been working for the parents of the little girl for 18
months, and though she had a valid residency permit for Russia, she had
no work permit.
Russian journalist Polina Nikolskaya, who
witnessed the scene, told Reuters: “I was on my way to the metro station
from home. She was standing near the metro entrance and caught my
attention because she was screaming Allahu Akbar. I saw that she had a
bloodied head in her arms but I thought it was not real. People in the
crowd said it was real.”
Other reports in local media have said
that the nanny was under the influence of unidentified drugs when she
was walking the streets and yelling with the severed head.
residents have meanwhile been leaving toys and flowers at the
Oktyabrskoye Polye metro station in honor of the girl, as well as
outside the flat where she was murdered.


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