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NEWS: Big Hair Baby That Looks Like ‘Elvis’ Is ‘Closer to Jesus,’ Family Says

wo weeks after a baby born with an awe-inspiring mess of hair became a viral sensation when
a photo of her locks hit the Internet, another baby is now turning
heads with hair her family says brings her “closer to Jesus.”
Brandy Adams Cox of Trinity, North Carolina, told Fox 8 Sunday
that her daughter, Collyns Lorelei Cox, born last December with a full
head of hair, has been getting a lot of attention from strangers who
sometimes ask if her baby is wearing a wig. Others, according to Cox,
have said her daughter looks like Elvis.
just embrace the crazy,” she added. “The ‘higher the hair, the closer
to Jesus.’ We used to brush it and try and fix it and it always wound
back up like this. She’s all natural.”
Two weeks ago another baby
named Isabelle, the daughter of Dave and Mackenzie Kaplan, was the toast
of the Internet for her hair.
According to CNN,
just over two weeks ago Mackenzie Kaplan innocently posted a selfie
online posing with her 2-month-old daughter. The following day, friends
and family began telling the San Francisco couple that other people were
sharing the photo on various social media.
“My cousin Colin in Oregon texted me and said, ‘I think I may have caused this,'” Dave Kaplan told CNN.
Apparently Isabelle’s cousin posted the selfie on the social news networking site Reddit with
the caption: “My baby cousin has hair that looks like a news
anchorman.” The photo quickly became popular, making it to Reddit’s
homepage. As of Monday it was viewed more than 3 million times

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