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NEWS: Christian ‘Prophet’ Fighting Lions to Prove God’s Power News Story a Hoax?

A story that claimed a self-described Christian prophet was
critically injured after challenging lions to a fight at a national park
in South Africa to prove God’s protection has gone viral on social
media, but a website that exposes false reporting has found it to be a
A “prophet” from a Zion Christian Church, identified as
Pretoria Soshanguve-based Alec Ndiwane, was filled with the Holy Spirit
when he challenged lions to fight in the Kruger National Park, Daily Post reported earlier during the week.
According to the story, Ndiwane was visiting the park with fellow
church members when he suddenly “went into a trance” and began speaking
in tongues. Then, he charged at the lions nearby, it went on to claim,
and added that he sough to run back to safety soon after being attacked
by the lions. He was finally saved by rangers, the story alleged.
The report, which carried a quote from the “prophet” narrating what he did, never happened, Africa Check, which sorts fact from fiction, found.
The story was republished by several newspapers around the world and shared widely on social media.
park’s spokesman William Mabasa told Africa Check that while he knows
about the story going viral, the alleged incident was never reported to
the park authorities.
“The Kruger National Park is not aware of
any such incident taking place anywhere in the park. It would have been
reported to us if any of our rangers had taken part in this incident as
reported,” he was quoted as saying.
Some stories also carried a picture of a man kneeling with his head on the ground with two lions jumping at him.
Check also found that the man in the picture was South African “lion
whisperer” Kevin Richardson, whose wife Mandy confirmed it was her
husband’s photo. “He is a Christian but not part of the ZCC church
group,” she was quoted as saying.
It was bad journalism by newspapers who carried the report without verifying the source.
relationship you see there is from years of working with the lionesses
enabling him to trust them to run and jump and play with him. It was not
by any means an attack.” she continued. “He would not do this with
animals he doesn’t know and especially not wild animals as that would be
dangerous and irresponsible.”


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