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NEWS: Kirk Franklin Is Insecure About Lack of Singing Abilities?

Kirk Franklin is a Grammy-winning
producer, recording artist and songwriter who is insecure about not
having the same type of gift as his peers.

The 46-year-old
minister of music has made songs for some of the biggest names in
Christian music. While he is grateful for God blessing him with the gift
of songwriting, the producer and recording artist who utilizes the
voices of others in his records, admitted his insecurities with doing

“The greatest gift God has given me
past family and salvation is songwriting. I sit in rehearsal blown away
at these songs…Songs given to me not based on my goodness but HIS,”
Franklin tweeted as
he prepared for his Twenty Years In One Night tour. “To be in a genre
full of the best singers in the world and not being able [to sing] it
like them has always left me insecure. So I’m only here because He
loaned me these songs.”

Franklin has been modest about his
award-winning abilities for some time, but revealed that his pride
halted the process in creating his Losing My Religion album. In an interview with The Christian Post last year, Franklin said he allowed insecurities to keep him from releasing new music.

be transparent, that’s what took me so long to do the album. A lot of
it was fear, and then I really began to learn that spiritually fear is a
form of pride,” Franklin revealed to CP. “It was pride that I would
never be able to live up to ‘I Smile.’ I would tend to just kind of stay
away, because I was scared of not being accepted like I was with ‘I

Despite previous fears centered around creating new
music, it seems Franklin still knows how to strike a chord with people.
His first single off of the new record titled, “Wanna Be Happy,” made
gospel music history last September when it became the best first-week
digital single in the history of gospel sales.
Still, Franklin is doing his best not to place too much importance on these type of victories.

very cautious to not be too observant, or too consumed with what works
and what doesn’t work, because I think that’s when you fail,” he said.

of how his album is received, Franklin is willing to go through trial
and error in order to keep people focused on God.

just keep trying and failing and I will continue to keep trying to see
what I can do to try to keep people engaged in the conversation about
our Lord and Savior, man,” he said. “Really that’s all I’m trying to do.
Really, at the end of the day, if I want to keep God part of the
conversation then I will do everything I can to make that happen.”

Franklin’s tour kicks off this month and travels to 24 cities in what will be known as The 20 Years In One Night Tour.

20 Years in One Night Tour will be a retrospective of Kirk Franklin’s
impressive, 20-plus year body of work, which has garnered him honors
including nine GRAMMY Awards, 40 Stellar Awards and 16 GMA Dove Awards,”
according to a press release. “Beloved for his distinct brand of
inspirational music and lively stage performances, Franklin is extremely
excited about the upcoming tour.”


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