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NEWS: Pope Francis Condemns World’s Indifference to 4 Nuns Brutally Murdered in Yemen

Pope Francis has condemned the world’s seeming indifference at the
violent murder of four nuns, along with 12 other people, at a home for
the elderly in Aden, Yemen.
Gunmen reportedly entered the building on Friday, going room-to-room and handcuffing victims before shooting them in the head.
The four nuns killed in the incident had been Missionaries of Charity, prompting Francis to send “the
assurance of his prayers for the dead and his spiritual closeness to
their families and to all affected from this act of senseless and
diabolical violence.”
Reuters reported
that no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack that left 15
people dead in total, though officials say the attackers also kidnapped
an Indian priest, identified as Father Tom Uzhunnalil.

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj confirmed the news on Twitter, sharing
that the priest has been “abducted by terrorists in Yemen.”

Vatican leader has called the four murdered nuns “today’s martyrs,”
condemning both the killers, and the global indifference toward the

“They do not make the front pages of the newspapers, they
do not make the news. They have given their blood for the Church,”
Francis told thousands on Sunday at St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican.

are victims of the attack by those who killed them but also victims of
indifference, of this globalization of indifference. They don’t matter,”
he added.
Yemen has been plagued with unrest ever since the
Houthi takeover that forced the government out of power in September
2014, leading to the resignation of President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi in
January 2015.

Several cities, including Arden, have found
themselves in a state of lawlessness, with efforts to restore security
achieving little success.

Back in April 2015 the conflict allowed the al-Qaeda terror group to free close to 300 prisoners from Yemen.

noted that the unrest has forced many aid groups to pull their foreign
staff from the country as tensions continue to escalate.

said that prayers are needed to end the violence, calling upon “all
parties in the present conflict to renounce violence, and to renew their
commitment to the people of Yemen, particularly those most in need,
whom the Sisters and their helpers sought to serve.”

The Vatican
Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin added that “upon everyone
suffering from this violence, the Holy Father invokes God’s blessing,
and in a special ways he extends to the Missionaries of Charity his
prayerful sympathy and solidarity.”


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