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DOWNLOAD MUSIC: All Above Me-Cant Stop Now || Free Download

All Above Me is a Hard Rock Christian band from Calgary, AB with one purpose only, to make the name of Jesus Christ famous. The band started in the Spring of 2014 by guitarist, song-writer and singer Guiller Contreras. Guiller grew up playing in punk, pop, rock and metal bands which are all genres that clearly come through the band’s music. 
All Above Me started growing rapidly after the release of their EP “Tell The World”, which later caused original singer and drummer, Dana Nicole and Tony Mariani, to part ways due to different career paths.

In October 2015 new singer, Britt Harris, and new Drummer, Tim Wikkerink, joined Guiller Contreras and Andrew Holem (Bass) to complete the band’s line up.

Since then All Above Me has shared the stage with 4 time Juno Nominee, Manafest, and will share the stage again in 2016. The band continues to grow and has video-shoots, shows, tours, recording and much more lined up for the rest of 2015 and 2016. For more information on the band you may visit www.allabovememusic.com.


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