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DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Jason Fowler- Come Alive || FreeDownload

Jason Fowler has quite
the backstory of what he’s overcome to reach the point where he’s
releasing his Christian debut, I Fall In. The music carries the maturity
of a seasoned artist, proving his prior experience both in mainstream
rock and roll and in life.

I was pleasantly
surprised with how enjoyable and diverse this short 9-track collection
of songs is. Dabbling in rock, pop and contemporary sounds, Fowler
carries some groovy hooks and pounding sonic beats. Opener “Come Alive”
is one of those songs that begs to be an arena rock set opener. “Rise
Up” is another offering of the high-octane rock energy that Fowler
excels at.

But hooky pop is on the
menu too, as “You Give Me A Reason” effectively illustrates. There’s a
lush piano hook and an impactful vocal performance by Fowler. “Family”
is an unplugged duet with Leigh Nash that showcases that Fowler can also
be a master of the acoustic folk sound. The finale title track carries
just a bit of that slow-building epic closer sound to lift up a
worshipful and peaceful duet track, again keeping the album diverse and


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