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NEWS: Erica Campbell Celebrates Plus-Sized Model Frostine Shake for Embracing Her Curves

Erica Campbell holds the award for Best Gospel Album for “Help” backstage during the awards pre-telecast at the 57th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, February 8, 2015.

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Gospel singer Erica Campbell has been criticized in the past for celebrating her curvy figure and in a Facebook post that has since been deleted the platinum recording artist also praised plus-sized model Frostine Shake for her body.

“Awesome,” Campbell captioned her shared link on Celeb Feed that featured an article about Shake. The article labeled the model a “plus-sized ballerina” and praised her for not being ashamed of her curvaceous body.

Shake is a model who started a burlesque troupe in 2007 based out of south Texas. The internet sensation has experience in photography, styling, and creative directing and is now revolutionizing the way plus-sized models are accepted by reportedly inspiring women with her photos to be confident about themselves.

The model told Cosmopolitan in an article published last week that she quit ballet at 16, after realizing that her body was not the same as the thinner framed girls in her class.

Campbell, who subsequently deleted the post about Shake, is no stranger to receiving backlash from fellow Christians concerning her own promotional photos in which she wears clothes that some consider to be “too sexy.”

After receiving a Grammy nomination for her 2014 solo hit, “A Little More Jesus,” Campbell posted a photo of herself wearing a white form-fitting dress. The turtle necked dress with sleeves down to her wrist and hemline below her knees caused an uproar and people took to social media to express their disapproval of the photos.

Campbell, like Shake, believes that women should embrace their curves and not feel ashamed of them. After being criticized Campbell sat down with “Inside Edition” to speak out about the controversial image.

“I feel comfortable in my skin, I define my sexy. I don’t let anybody tell me it has to look like A, B, or C. … I refuse to be put in that box. My intention is never to offend anybody. I feel comfortable in the body that I’m in. I have three kids, I have a husband who’s very happy,” said Campbell.

“You Glorify God by loving people, by caring for people, by being honest, by feeding the hungry, by telling people about His love and His light. You don’t inspire somebody with or without a dress. Just like if somebody came in with tattoos and they were feeding the hungry, they would be doing the work that God wants us to do,” she continued.


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