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NEWS: James Fortune Exposes Root Cause of His Domestic Violence Problems

Gospel music artist James Fortune revealed what he says is the root cause of his violent outbursts and the physical assault of a family member back in 2014, for which he served time in jail.

“I’m not ashamed but I’m just exposing the enemy. domestic violence is more about power and control, it’s not just about physical violence,” the 37-year-old singer who has been in therapy for the last 18 months revealed on Periscope, according to First Lady B blog. “I struggle with control and that’s what I was dealing with. When you can’t control someone, then you feel as though you are losing control.”

In 2014, media reports alleged that Fortune was charged with assault of an unnamed family member in October 2014. Although Fortune’s wife, Cheryl Fortune, was never confirmed as the victim of the assault that led to the singer’s arrest, ABC13 reported that she suffered from broken bones and internal injuries at the time of his arrest.

The news reports came two years after Fortune was sued for $5 million by his stepson’s father who alleged that the singer burned the boy in hot water as an act of discipline 11 years prior. The gospel music recording artist, songwriter and producer admitted that he needed to overcome some issues and outlined some of the things he has been learning while attending classes on domestic violence.

One of Fortune’s discoveries was about the various forms of domestic abuse that exist.

“There are 18 forms of Domestic abuse and only one of them is physical. Some of you may have been dealing with this and may not even know it,” Fortune said in his Periscope. “There are four things we need to initially look at to begin the healing process. You can’t change what you are not willing to confront. So take responsibility for whatever your problem is.”

Fortune went on to respond to questions from those tuning in on Periscope and admitted that he could speak about the process he was overcoming because he was free in God.

“Talking about this is so much better than hiding it or justifying it,” he revealed. “I’m free and God is giving me the strength to become a stronger and better person.”

While Fortune is grateful that God offered him forgiveness, the singer needed to overcome his anger issues in order to be renewed.

“A lot of times you’ll always say what you’ll never do but when you can’t control your anger anything can trigger and make you do something that maybe you felt like you would never do. For me, I ask God. Of course I thank God for forgiveness but for me it was more than just forgiving,” Fortune said on syndicated radio program “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show” last year. “I wanted to be better. I wanted to be changed. I wanted God to do something on the inside of me so that my story, my testimony could help someone else.”

For Fortune, anger manifests itself into more than just physical violence. He spoke about intimidation, mental and psychological abuse that can impact children and family members.

Growing up as a preacher’s son, Fortune said he understood that some people in the Christian community might shy away from the thought of undergoing therapy outside of the church. But he explained why prayer alone did not work for him.

“(Anger) festers and sometimes you don’t even know where it’s coming from. That’s why what has helped me in therapy is understanding some of the things that have happened throughout my life as a child that has contributed to me being able to have this problem,” he said. “I wanted to go to a therapist, I wanted to go to some classes. I still am, I’m still allowing God to finish some work in me.”


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