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VIDEO: Charles Vienn II- Heaven Is The Place || Watch For Free

Charles Vienn II is a native of Houston Texas. He is a professional vocalist, music engineer, and graphic designer. 
He is a husband and a father of 3 boys. His life journey has taken him many places and has given him many experiences along the way.
 In 2005 he married his wife Nyree and in 2006 they started a media company called Uplift, which consisted of a graphic division called Uplift Graphics and a music production division called Uplift Inner-Tainment. 
In 2008 Charles, Nyree and their then 3-year-old son Romello moved from San Diego, CA to Houston, TX.
 They continued building Uplift in Houston and had great success. In June 2009 Nyree gave birth to their second son Isaac. His birth really changed their life. Two months after his birth Romello came up with a great idea to create cartoon character out of his little brother and himself that would be used to teach children positive things.
 This was now the birth of another business venture, Uplift Comics. Since then they have been focused on growing Uplift Comics by creating mascot characters that would teach children through live school assembly programs. After working this business for 6 years they now have 12 cartoon and live action mascot characters. 
Charles and Nyree Vienn have found their it in life, and are dedicating their lives to helping kids succeed in our world today with Uplift Comics. They live by the motto, “Uplift the Community, Change the World!”


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