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ARTICLE: Don’t Give Up Just Because You’ve Fallen!

Although we aren’t able to change our past, we as Christians can always change our future through a relationship with Christ, the Rev. Billy Graham writes.

Graham, founder of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, wrote in a recent blog post for the Kansas City Star that although we cannot change our past, we have the opportunity to improve ourselves in the future, and we shouldn’t allow our poor past choices to stop us from forming a relationship with God.

Graham explains that while “bad decisions always have bad consequences,” you can change your future with God’s help.

One of the first steps in restoring your relationship with God is to reconnect with your local church, which you may have left after your past mistakes.

“… It may be difficult or embarrassing for you to return to the church you once attended, but that doesn’t mean God can’t guide you to a new group of believers who can encourage and help you. If our bodies are sick, we’ll go where we can find help, and if we’re spiritually sick, we ought to do the same,” the evangelical leader explains, pointing to 1 Thessalonians 5:11 which reads: “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.”

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