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ARTICLE: How to Prepare For a Christian Wedding || Read For Free

There are definitely different kinds of wedding ceremonies due to differences in the goals, beliefs and desires of different intending couples. However, Christian wedding stands out among others due to its religious root which symbolizes a form of godliness that is often part of the wedding ceremonies. Though there are needs for godliness and sanctity in Christian weddings, preparations must also be made for the wedding occasions just like in other kinds of wedding events.

Couples must first come to an agreement on the fact that they want their wedding to be a Christian wedding, so that there will be no disparity in their beliefs and expectations from the wedding. Once agreement has been reached, it is time for you to start preparing for the wedding occasions by paying attention to every detail involved in planning a Christian wedding.

In order to get the best out of a Christian wedding, it is important for you to observe the following;

Pray about your wedding
If you are truly planning to have a Christian wedding, you must pray over the occasion as well as the marriage that comes after it. As true Christians, marriage is meant to be a lifelong affair; hence, there is need for you to commit your ways and marriage into God’s hand through fervent prayers. Prayer can never be overlooked in a Christian wedding.

Receive premarital counseling
This is another big difference between Christian wedding and secular weddings. Premarital counseling is necessitated due to need for words of advice, guidelines and words of exhortations by the intending couples. This counseling is to prepare them for the great and blissful journey ahead of them.

Nhormally, premarital counseling should begin few months before your wedding date in order to prepare you and your spouse for your marriage. The time of counseling should be further used as the time of getting more acquainted with each other to have better understanding of what life will be living with your other half.

Have a wedding budget that you can afford

Just like in secular weddings, you must create a budget for your Christian wedding and make sure it is within your financial capacity. By keeping your wedding simple, you can effectively manage your Christian wedding to ensure that your plan does not exceed your finances. Create a to-do list and list only things that are needed for the wedding. You may also consider financing if this is of help.

Eliminate all frivolous activities

For secular weddings, there are usually bachelors’ night and other frivolous activities where there will be excess drinking of alcohol and other unchristian-like activities; Christian weddings must eliminate such activities. Nevertheless, if you want to go ahead with bachelors’ night, make sure it is orderly and Christ-like without any frivolous activities.

Eliminating these activities will not only make your wedding to be truly Christ-like, it will also ensure that your budget is effectively managed.

Make schedules and place orders for your wedding supplies
This is one of the pre-wedding preparations that must be put in place. List out all the supplies you need for your wedding and start placing order for those supplies to avoid disappointment from failure to get any of the important supplies. Your wedding supplies should include decoration, clothes, sparklers and cakes.

To reduce the stress attached to getting supplies, you can order for your supplies online. The Sparkler Superstore is one only a few to offer wedding cake sparklers, wedding poppers and other important wedding supplies. So if you are wondering where to buy sparklers and other wedding supplies, this could be worth a visit.

Choose church auditorium as your wedding venues
Though you can have your wedding reception in any other venue, your wedding ceremony must be specifically performed in a church venue. Sharing your marital vows before an altar of God can go a long way in helping you enjoy a blissful marital life; therefore, make sure your wedding ceremony takes place in a church auditorium.

Ensure reading of Bible passages at your wedding

Reading Bible passages in a Christian wedding is quite important as it shows your readiness to use the Bible principle as the guidelines of your marriage. 1 Corinthians 13:3 or some other passages in the books of the Bible should be read. Though it is not as important as reading the Bible, sharing Holy Communion with the guests is also good.

Make sure the ministers preach the gospel
As a true Christian, your wedding should never finish without the gospel of Christ touching the lives of people; hence, you need to make sure the ministers preach about the gospel of Christ to the guests.

Serve healthy and good foods and drinks

Pick from the general food ideas people normally serve at wedding occasions. Some ideas include mashed potato bar, pasta salad, cheese and deli sliced meats, veggies, ice cream sandwiches, margaritas, varieties of sauces, chili bar, and fruits.

For Christian wedding beverage ideas, make sure whatever is being served is not alcoholic, especially if the wedding reception is going to take place in a church venue. Fruit juices, soft drinks and other non-alcoholic drinks should be served.

Use Bible or any other Christian items as favors

There is no better favor idea for a Christian wedding than gifting Bible to your guests. You are showing them the love and light of Christ through your wedding occasion and it is a commendable act as a Christian. Christian books or thank-you notes can also be used as favors.

Celebrate your love with your friends in a fun-filled manner

Though Christian weddings are not expected to be filled with frivolous celebrations, your special day should be fun-filled; therefore, celebrate your love with friends and family. Sparklers, floating lanterns and wedding poppers all contribute to how much fun people will have on your wedding day.

You must always remember that the main thing that will show your wedding as a Christ-like one is your ability to showcase the love of Christ to your guests; so while you are having fun and celebrating love, do not shy away from using your Christian wedding as an avenue to celebrate the love of Christ.


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