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ARTICLE: Seven (7) ways to be truly confident in who you are in God || Read For Free

Anyone can pretend to be confident, but don’t you want the real thing? Healthy self-worth is not about external fixes. It’s all about the inside, where strength, values and perception come from. 
So how can you be more confident in who you are in God? Here are 7 ways. 
1. Get your journal out and write There are likely at least a few unfavorable things you were told about yourself in your youth. 
They have now grown into weeds of self-doubt, fear, insecurity, low self-esteem and depression. 
Get a pen and a journal, and write out the hurtful lies you heard about yourself repeatedly. Once you get them down, cross them out and replace the negativity with something positive. 
Then pray over those things and ask God to help you overcome the assault on your confidence.
 2. Meditate on self-esteem-building scriptures “You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you” (Song of Solomon 4:7, ESV ). 
That’s one of my favorite self-esteem-building scriptures. What are yours? If you don’t have any in your arsenal, it’s time to change that. Find verses that confirm how loved, powerful, valued and awesome you are. 
Don’t just read the passages, but study, meditate on them and confess them. This might seem cheesy to some, but I recommend posting affirming scriptures around the house.
 For example, placing a sticky note on the mirror you use when getting dressed, with your favorite affirming scripture written on it, is a great idea!
 3. Clear out your circle as needed Get rid of non-essential, unfruitful relationships that do not affirm who you are in God. If there are hangers-on in your life who don’t speak positively about you, your dreams and capabilities, and always nitpick, and make you feel worse about you, it is time to say goodbye. 
While you will never be able to disassociate from every negative person (Sometimes God uses them to toughen your skin and help you grow!), when it is in your realm of control and you feel so led, don’t hesitate to cut ties. Some people serve no purpose at all but to antagonize. 
4. Change your words This is huge! Don’t curse your own life with what you say. Eliminate stupid, failure, ugly, fat, incompetent (and other not-so-great words) from your list of self-descriptive adjectives. 
Say what God says about you, even if you don’t feel it. Tell yourself: I am worthy. I am loved. I am anointed. I am God’s chosen. 
The more you repeat these things in faith, the more your mindset will shift and empower you to bear fruit in your life.
 5. Deal with your history This piggybacks on confidence-building tip #1. Were you unpopular and marginalized in grade school? Did you get bullied a lot? Were you most picked on and isolated? Were you abused or traumatized in some way? 
You have to go back and address the past before you can appropriately dress for your future. Confront any hurts head-on. 
Discover where the lies that were planted in you originated, so you can get free of them. Uncovering the past root helps you understand the present fruit you are producing. 
Before you can build confidence, make sure the foundation is secure, so you are not trying to build on top of a toxic waste dump!
 6. Stop the comparison game Some of the most confident people in the world will tell you they don’t waste time comparing themselves to others. The key to seeing your own worth is realizing God made you one of a kind. Your beauty is individual. 
Your path isn’t like anyone else’s. Your journey is special. And your progress will go at a pace best-suited to you, your maturity level, faith capacity and ability to handle things. Don’t look at your neighbor to see what mold you should fit into, because God doesn’t repeat himself. 
The individual DNA and fingerprints of every living person on earth is proof of this. He crafted your unique design for His unique purposes. 
7. Maximize your strengths There are some things you can do that no one else can. When you put your special touch and flavor on those things, you get awesome results. 
So learn to maximize your strengths in every scenario and you will feel more confident about who you are and what you do. Let’s face it, we all have weaknesses and areas we don’t excel in, which doesn’t mean we are less than anyone else. We’re just different. Embrace your differences, stay in your lane and God will use you to do great things. 
Being more confident is really achievable if you focus on the right things and put PRAISJAMZBLOG Tips in use.


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