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FOR SINGLES!!! Billy Graham’s 3 Tips for Singles on Avoiding Temptation

People who move to the big city should not give in to the popular vices of urban life and so create a meaningless existence, says the Rev. Billy Graham.

In his long running syndicated advice column “My Answer,” Graham was asked about what to do in response to a “lonely” life in a major city.

“I was really excited last year about my new job, but it involved moving to a big city, and now that I’ve moved here I’m really lonely and miserable. Why are cities such lonely places?” asked the unnamed person.

Graham responded on Thursday with a warning that the person should not succumb to the temptations of city life.

“First, let me tell you what I hope you won’t do: I hope you won’t seek friendship in the wrong places, or in the wrong ways,” wrote Graham.

“Popular television programs may give the impression that living in a big city is fun, consisting mainly of a continuous round of singles bars and casual sexual encounters. But nothing could be more meaningless or empty.”

The famous evangelist went on to spiritually advise the person, asking them to remember that God is with them and that they should join a Christian congregation.

“I urge you to realize that you are not really alone — not if you know Jesus Christ. If you have never done so, invite Him to come into your life — and He will,” continued Graham.

“Then ask Him to lead you to a church where Christ is preached and taught. Not only will you grow in your faith, but you’ll also meet others your age who can encourage you and become your friends.”

The 97-year-old evangelist’s comments echo the recent words of Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren, who stressed in a devotional published Friday the eternal significance of belonging to a church.

“Because what the Church is doing in making a difference in the world is going to outlast your career. It’s going to outlast your hobbies,” stated Warren.

“It’s going to outlast every other thing you do. It’s the only thing that’s going to last forever because it’s about changed lives. There are only two things that are going to last forever: God’s Word and God’s people.”

Graham’s advice on the possible moral dangers of city life come as his son, the Rev. Franklin Graham, continues his “Decision America Tour.”

“Decision America” is Franklin Graham’s effort to get Christians to vote in November in support of biblical principles via public prayer rallies at state capitals.

Earlier this week, the tour stopped at Olympia, Washington, with local media estimating that as many as 5,000 people attended the Franklin Graham-led prayer rally.

“Many traveled for hours in church vans and tour buses to attend the prayer rally held by Rev. Billy Graham’s son, Franklin,” reported The Olympian.

“Graham was in Olympia on Wednesday for the 31st stop on his 50-state 2016 Decision America tour. During the rally, he urged Christians to vote, pray for the nation and live out their faith in every part of their lives.”


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