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Cut our salaries to improve teachers’ welfare – Murray Bruce says

It is widely known that while Nigerians work under very terrible environments, politicians earn fat salaries.
Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has declared that this should not be so and that politicians’ salaries should be slashed
The senator representing Bayelsa east district, Ben Murray-Bruce, has advocated for a slash in the salaries of all elected Nigerians as well as political office holders saying this is one way Nigeria would be great again.
According to the senator, Nigeria has some of the highest earning politicians in the world and and such money can be reduced and added to teachers’s salaries.
“Nigeria has some of the highest paid politicians and some of the lowest paid teachers. Flip this equation and Nigeria will develop!

“On this World Teachers Day, I thank Nigeria’s teachers and urge that salaries of politicians be reduced so that teachers salary can be increased!

“Teachers are much more relevant to the progress of Nigeria than we politicians. 

A well paid teacher is a better teacher but is a well paid legislator a better legislator?
“My name is Ben Murray-Bruce and I just want to make commonsense!” Murray-Bruce said.
It is known that teachers across the country work under very severe conditions with their salaries not paid.
The suggestion by Bruce earned him a lot of accolades on social media.
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