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DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Ben Ford- Oh To Know || Free Download

Unfazed by the weight of his own talent and influence, singer/songwriter Ben Ford is about as down-to-earth as they come. Mississippi born and raised, his heart and music are free from pretense and hypocrisy, grounded in the truth of the Gospel and the wonder of grace. Ford’s versatile, soulful voice rises and falls with emotion, telling stories of celebration and longing, ringing out with tenderness and strength, seeming to carry years of history hidden beneath every breath.
 His insightful songwriting evokes an almost visceral response from the listener, as illustrated in “I Am Redeemed,” a song that addresses the paradox of Christ’s servant leadership with the lyrics “Still You’re the King, and You wash my feet.” As an artist, Ben Ford holds greatness in his hands — hands that craft beauty and coax music from the strings of a guitar.
 But following in the footsteps of Christ, he leads by example, not seeking greatness or glory for himself, but desiring to serve the Lord and others through music, hoping that his songs can be used by God to encourage, to uplift, and in essence, to wash someone’s feet.

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