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Religious Tolerance!!! “We need to promote peaceful coexistence”, Nigerian leaders say

The increasing tales of religious violence and intolerance in Nigeria has caused some religious leaders to cry out for peace.

A group of religious leaders, comprising of the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Dioscese, Rev. Mathew Hassan-Kukah, the Executive Secretary of the National Mosque, Abuja, Alhaji Ibrahim Jega and the Primate of All Nigeria Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh have called for peaceful coexistence amongst all Nigerians.
Speaking at a one-day national inter-faith peace meeting, organised by the Community of Sant’Egidio Nigeria, Alhaji Jega highlighted the similarities in both faiths.
According to him, these similarities should lead to unity, not intolerance.
“We need to chart a new course on how to live in unity.
 We need to promote peaceful coexistence, to be sincere in the preaching of our two religions, Islam preaches peace, the bible preaches love, we should be just once we stick to the teachings of our religion, ” he said
He was supported by the others, though the other two spoke extensively on Nigeria’s issues.
“We need to promote peaceful coexistence”, Nigerian leaders say
Most Rev. Okoh , while speaking on the recent independence anniversary, called on the government to do better.
“ We have fared well but we are still having lots of problems, after 56 years we are still struggling to have an identity. 
Many people still doubt whether they are Nigerians. 
As an individual, if at 56 you don’t know who you are or where you are going then there is a problem.
Our government should strive to give us an identity such that there will be a national dream so that if you are a Nigerian carrying that green passport, you have that dream”, he said.
Bishop Kukah also called on the government to do better, adding that the country’s problems have nothing to do with religion.
“This country is haemorrhaging badly as we are losing the seeds of the future.
 Too many young people who are the investment of the future are losing their lives, and this is either in the North-east, motor accidents or avoidable diseases.
It is the responsibility of the government to take charge and full responsibility for why there is no peace in Nigeria. 
I don’t believe the problems of Nigeria are caused by Christians or Muslims, I think the problems are caused by lack of capacity,” he added.
DailyTrust reports that these three advised all Christians and Muslims to stop fighting and treat each other’s religions with respect.
They also encouraged inter-dialogue.
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