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DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Kharis – Caught Up (Prod. by SBK) || Free Download

Nigeria is no doubt blessed with galaxy of rappers, even the  female category is not found wanting. Kharis is a Female Emcee from Ondo but a through breed from conception straight out of KrocK City, Kaduna Nigeria acclaimed capital of emceeing.

Her unique style and ease prowess delivery can not be waved with a hand, little did I wonder SBK the veteran producer and rap artist sorted for her expertise on the vibrant street anthem song ‘No Faking’ which also featured CATCH, Therapy and KuL G.

   Kharis a member of LXG (League of Xtraordinary Gift) which is a household name in the gospel circle of Kaduna. On this inspirational song ‘CAUGHT UP’ Kharis venced out an ace off her selves.

 We had the privilege to interview her, in her own words!

“Everything about caught up came from my dad. When he was alive he used to tell me that no matter what u do in life, make sure u do it right and never forget the plan is to make heaven. It doesn’t matter how people see you or what they think about you. be good at heart and put God in whatever u do. but u see as time went on… I tried to live right, tried being a saint, but it wasn’t working… the church didn’t help… When i depended on them for holiness, they failed me… I turned to God, he’s been helping me but its not been easy… and when people see me they just conclude am good and living right like am the holiest… But that’s a big lie… I’m human too… I got flaws. I’m just trying preach good undiluted sermons to people via music… And the same message am passing across is specially carved for me… I’m quite little but with my little stay on earth i have been through a lot, good bad and ugly… times came when i had to fake it… but in the long run i just discovered there is no much deal to life… We all gonna die someday… So i just had to stop faking it, and focus on my heart, my music my God… And strongly believe that ama go to heaven someday. Leaving behind the struggles to get there… its dedicated to my dad.”

You heard it from the horses mouth, the wisdom of solomon has nothing to do with the age of methuselah, that’s exactly what Kharis depicted in this sensational song produce by SBK one of Niajas underground veteran producer and rap artist. Without any further ado download, share this insightful and mind opening song Caught up!

Download, Enjoy And Share!

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 Facebook: Abigael Noah
Instagram: Kharis_Official



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