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Welcome to NOVEMBER!!! Happy New Month To All PRAISEJAMZBLOG Fans || November 2016

Happy New Month wishes from all of us 
here at PraiseJamzBlog!
  • May all of your previous failures turn into success this month.
  • May this your new month be as bright as the sun, as colorful as the rainbow, as lovely as the flowers, and as happy as the birds. 
  • May this new month be one of the most blessed and happy months for you!
Always remember that When you praise God for what He did for you in the past,  He do much more in the future.

In fact, there are many things that will lead you to praise and thank the Lord.
For the life He gave to you; even when you are in the midst of ‘war’ of the seen and unseen forces. The Lord protected us.

When the world is shouting for hunger and draught, the Lord provided for you.
When there are many accident happening on the road, the Lord guide you.

He fulfilled His word, which said that: “Blessed shall thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out.” Deuteronomy 28:6.

May NOVEMBER be a month to REMEMBER to Y’All

We shall live to celebrate the remaining months  of this year in





  1. Amen… More Grace!

  2. Amen! May the lord strengthen you people more. you guys are really doing a great Job.

  3. November will indeed be a month to remember. I will like to be part of you guys. please!!! my number is 08148581545. Thanks

  4. Thank You Fans! to be part of us. Kindly add us on WhatsApp Via; +2348180607205

  5. Me too. I will like to team up with you guys, my number is 07052777139. I will add u on whatsApp right away

  6. I have a dream! That one day you guys will be number one in the world. @UniqueSinger

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