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Kirk Franklin’s Artist Tasha Page Lockhart Weeps In Defense Of Kim Burrell, Asks ‘Where is the church?’

As the world renounces Kim Burrell and her comments on gays, fellow Christians have been shamefully silent according to a fellow gospel artist.

Tasha Page Lockhart, who is signed to Kirk Franklin’s Fo Yo Soul label, an imprint of RCA, is tearfully and unapologetically speaking out in defense of the Houston pastor, while asking “Where is the church?”

In a video posted to Facebook Live Friday, Jan. 6, the “Different” songstress breaks down crying sitting inside a vehicle as she expresses disappointment over “how silent the Church has been,” as well as “how silent some of these gospel artists are.”

The winner of BET’s “Sunday Best” season 6 wondered aloud why “nobody is saying anything,” adding, “Nobody has her back.”

At the time of posting, already the video has more than 240, 000 views and thousands of comments, likes, and shares.

Since a clip of Burrell preaching against “the spirit of homosexuality” at Love and Liberty Fellowship Church International went viral, the esteemed gospel-jazz vocalist lost her radio show “Bridging the Gap”, television show “Keep It Moving with Kim Burrell” on CW, and her invitation to the BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music event where she was to be honored Jan. 14.
In a publicly released statement, BMI said the following:

“BMI’s Trailblazers of Gospel Music is an annual celebration of gospel music and its many talented songwriters. Given the controversy surrounding this year’s co-honoree Kim Burrell, we have asked her to not take part in the ceremony in order to allow the focus to remain on the songwriters and their music. BMI was founded over 76 years ago with an open door policy to welcome songwriters across all genres, and that same spirit of tolerance, diversity and inclusiveness continues today.”

Now only Bishop Marvin Sapp will be recognized.

“I’m just so heartbroken over the state of the Church and the state of this industry. I am. I’m sorry,” said Page Lockhart, who released her debut album Here Right Now in 2014, which instantly rose to the top of digital sales charts.

“I might get in trouble for saying this. I apologize in advance to my label, to whoever, and whatever repercussions come from this, I’m just at that point where, we’ve been silent long enough. This is what we believe and I’m standing on it,” she continued.

So far, arguably, the outcry against Burrell, who was axed as a guest on The Ellen Show on Jan. 5, has been greater than the support for her.

To the shock and dismay of some, most notably, GRAMMY® Award-winning friend and contemporary Yolanda Adams publicly shunned and chastised Burrell, while taking up for “gay relatives and friends.”

Though Pastor Shirley Caesar weighed in and received negative feedback, others with platforms within the faith community have largely been quiet as needles falling into a haystack.

But Page Lockhart, 33, feels it both appropriate and necessary to stick up for her sister in the faith while letting her own theological perspective be known.

“No sin is greater than the other. Jesus died on the cross so we can be free from the bondage of sin,” said the young woman who has previously shared her testimony of freedom from past drug and sexual abuse.

 “We are no longer slaves to sin, whatever that sin may be: whether it’s lying, fornicating, stealing, being envious, being covetous, whatever it may be, homosexuality, whatever it may be, we are not a slave to sin anymore,” explained Page Lockhart.

For those within the Body of Christ feeling somewhat sheepish for fear of ridicule, the psalmist isn’t letting anyone off the hook. “Come on!” she said. “Where are the pastors? Where are the leaders? Where is the Church?”

Apparently, they have not yet mustered the courage one way or the other to speak out.


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