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DOWNLOAD MUSIC + LYRICS: Kelly & The Innsecules – He Never Sleeps (Okenkume) || Free Download

KELLY is a fast rising contemporary gospel artist & President of the INNSECULES NATION. He has been a household name in the Nigerian Gospel music world.
 He just released a hit single this year, Titled: “He never Sleeps” (Okenkume), featuring his crew The Innsecules, This has gained large airplay & national recognition.
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He Never Sleeps (Okenkume)  Lyrics by Kelly & The Innsecules



I heard mama sing this song once..,
but i guess it all makes
sense to me right now..
You see, My God never fails, he never sleeps nor slumber.. Wah..!

Verse 1

Through the storms and
Through the rain
I’ll never be bothered..
coz he that watches,
Is God of the Heavens never
sleeps nor slumber
He’s the God that never fails
and never retires…
I called him a single time
he answered a million time..
He’s the one
who defiles the impossible
That’s why we could sing this song..
Okenkume… nke m nwere….
Never sleeps No.. No.. No.. No


 Tell me why..
why should i fear..
when i put my trust in the Most High…
The Most High God.     (x2)


Okenkume nke m nwere
Chim adighi ehi ura

Okenkume nke m nwere
Chim adighi ehi ura.        (x2)

Verse 2

Now there were times in my life
when i thought
I’ll never survive it..
My friends and my family failed me,
My strength and my
strategy failed me..
Each time it seems I’ll rise
I will cry coz i know
I’ll fall down again..
All hopes were gone & Lost
I never thought that
I would reach the finish Line.
But when i got down on
My knees & asked the Lord
To give me a song…
I heard
Okenkume nke nwere

Never sleeps No.. No.. No..

(I’ve been through hard times,
i’ve been through tough moments
but through it all this has been my strength & my confidence
You see, with him i rise
With him am strong,
That’s why I’ll always heed to his call day in day out..)


Anywhere he leads
I will go
Anytime he calls
I’ll follow ooo
 Okenkume nke m nwere
chim adighi ehi ura.       (x2)

(Repeat Chorus)

My Cares, My tears
My Fears wont last…

Okenkume nke nwere
Chim adighi ehin ura.        (x2)

(He never sleeps nor slumber)

Odighi ehi ura…
He’s always been there,
His presence will never fail

Okenkume nke m nwere
Ohh ohhh ohhh

Odighi ehi ura
Odighi ehi ura oooo
Okenkume nke m nwere
Chim adighi ehi ura


Yea people
Yea My God never fails

I called him one time
He answered a million million million time Menh….

He never sleeps


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