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Gospel Singer ‘Kirk Franklin’ Shares His Police Encounter With Police After Getting Pulled Over

At a time when racial tensions have led to social unrest, gospel musician and executive Kirk Franklin is honoring a police officer who pulled him over.

Franklin has been vocal about the racism, classism and injustices taking place in the United States for some time, but it seems he wants to express a different narrative. The Grammy award-winning composer, producer and head of Fo Yo Soul Entertainment decided to highlight a positive encounter with a police officer.

“Didn’t realize I was speeding this morning till this officer pulled me over and politely asked me to slow down. Blew my mind how cool he was didn’t even know me till I asked for a picture,” Franklin wrote in an Instagram message last week. “Just wanna celebrate good hearted people in these difficult times. Good cops win!”
In the past, Franklin received backlash after offending some who believed he was defending police officers without being sensitive to victims of police brutality. When three police officers were killed and three others were injured in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, last year, Franklin used his platform of over 1 million Twitter followers to speak out.

“I need for my community to be as loud as possible about how killing men and women in uniform is a crime, a sin, and an act of terrorism,” Franklin tweeted last year.

After a number of people spoke out about Franklin not acknowledging police brutality in the same way, he apologized for a lack of sensitivity.

“I want to apologize. I feel that my tone explaining my view was defensive,” Franklin wrote on Twitter last year. “People are hurting and want to feel that they matter…I understand. People are hurting and I need to be more sensitive to that.”

Still, the entertainer has not shied away from calling the nation’s Christians out on many of its social issues.

“America is full of Christians,” he tweeted earlier this year. “America is also full of racism, classism, poverty and injustice. And we wonder why so many don’t believe…”


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