Home » News » Reach Records Rappers ‘Andy Mineo’ & ‘Lecrae’ Save Transgender Person From Jumping Off NY Bridge || Watch Video

Reach Records Rappers ‘Andy Mineo’ & ‘Lecrae’ Save Transgender Person From Jumping Off NY Bridge || Watch Video

Reach Records Rappers ‘Andy Mineo’ & ‘Lecrae’ Save Transgender Person From Jumping Off NY Bridge || Watch Video.

Reach Records rappers Andy Mineo and Lecrae revealed that they helped a distraught transgender person who was attempting to jump off a New York City bridge.

Mineo described his experience in detail on his Instagram Story feed. The 29-year-old emcee revealed that his friend and colleague, Lecrae, was visiting New York while promoting his upcoming album, All Things Work Together, and the two of them linked up during some down time. Mineo gave the Grammy Award winner a tour of his neighborhood in Washington Heights and then they decided to walk over the Washington (Heights) Bridge to explore the infamous Bronx.

“Bronx came to them,” Mineo detailed. While approaching the bridge, the two of them noticed “what looked to be a woman” with her breasts exposed walking in their direction. The person bumped into a pole and with blood gushing from the forehead, the person proceeded to attempt a suicide jump.

“Me and Lecrae we are in a bit of shock and a bit of panic and we’re also now starting to have a bit of a Jesus combo,” Mineo explained.

The person began to hysterically say “I want to go home,” and “I want to be with Jesus.” Within a few seconds, both rappers, who are Christians, tried to wrestle the person from the edge of the bridge to the ground in an attempt to save the person’s life.

“You matter, you’re meant to be here, you’re already home, Jesus loves you,” Mineo recalled them saying in response.

What they noticed then was that the “woman” was actually a distraught transgender person.

The cops soon arrived and a number of them had to step in and try to subdue the person. Mineo then took the opportunity to share with his social media followers why he believes interactions between police officers and people escalate so quickly. He explained that a police officer with no context of what was going on began to aggressively curse and yell at the person who almost committed suicide. The officer saw resistance and reacted with no compassion. He ended his adventurous retelling there.

Lecrae also tweeted about the experience.

“We just wrestled someone from jumping off a bridge. Yo I’m tripping!!” Lecrae tweeted.

Mineo also used his experience to endorse a book, which he said had a very important topic. The book is called Single, Gay, Christian: A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity by Greg Coles. Mineo maintained that he believes the Church does not talk about this topic enough. He encouraged Christians to treat transgender persons and the LGBTQ community with grace.
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