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DOWNLOAD MUSIC + LYRICS: Princess Ellenn – You Alone Are Worthy

You Alone Are Worthy by Princess Ellenn.

Princess Ellenn is an exceptional Minister of God, a Song writer and a worshiper.

 Her news song, titled: “You Alone Are Worthy” is a thanksgiving song, appreciating God for His wonderful works, acknowledging the awesomeness and
faithfulness of God in the past, the present and also thanking Him for what He will do even in the future.

The song was produced by HK Recording Studio


    You Alone Are Worthy Lyrics by Princess Ellenn
    You alone are worthy
    You alone are good
    You alone can make impossible things possible(2ce)

**Verse 1**
    Situation changer
    God has never fail
    Once I turn to you all of my burdens fade away
    Even when time keeps changing
    God Almighty you still remains the same
    Every power bows to your name
    Every mouth shall confess that Jesus is lord
    He will forever be my God

    **(Repeat chorus)**

    **Verse 2**
    I just feel that you are always there for me
    I don’t feel lonely
    You are always showing yourself to me
    I don’t feel rejected oh lord
    I don’t feel lonely
    I don’t feel rejected
    You alone are God
    Unchangeable changer

  **(Repeat chorus)** 
    Abba father
    Husband of the widow
    We glorify your name
    Covenant keeping God
    Thank you Jesus
    I glorify your name


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