[LYRICS] Agape Strings – AMEN



Below is one of the most asked lyrics to “AMEN” by Agape Strings.

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Amen Lyrics by Agapestrings

Something many people say
Me I no go last to be my best
Me I just day tell them say God no be man
Man no be God them too know
E go make nonsense to make sense
Before you go know E go make sense
He go clean your tears and hold your hands
Take you to the top then give you chop

So me I no go die amen
Me I go live amen
Me I no go cry amen because I believe amen

I no go sick amen
But me I go strong to see my day
Drop your feelings
Drop your fears
Anything you want you will surely get
No retreat and no surrender
Anything you fight you will surely get
Me I no go die because Jesus died on the cross

So me I no die amen
Me I go live amen
Me I no go cry amen
Because I believe amen

You go born pikin amen
You go name am the prince amen
Just believe amen
No matter the pain amen

You pass exam amen
You go get job amen
You go get money amen
You go build house amen
You go buy motor amen
Your wife go come amen
You go born picking amen
Your God go hear amen
Anytime you pray
Long life na your own o
Your God go hear you amen
Your enemy go bow
Niger go beter
Just belive amen …

No matter the pain

Ukhani oshi (Thank you LORD)
Atabuchi oshi (Thank you Holy Spirit)


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