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PraisejamzTV: Frank Edwards – Chioma

Award-winning Gospel artiste and ‘Rocktown’ boss, Frank Edwards finally dished out his much anticipated single titled “Chioma” which means “Good God” in Nigerian native language (Igbo).

Life is hard because God is good. Jesus uses these hard things in life to make us strong and more like him. Praise God he does. In his kindness, God has intentionally shaped the world in such a way that effort would be required to accomplish significant change, progress, and reward (2 Timothy 2:6). From the beginning, Adam is given a job to work the ground (Genesis 2:15) and to cultivate and shape creation.

Life is hard for many reasons, but through it all we are being made more into the image of God. Jesus is greater than every hardship; he is victorious over every pain. All of life’s tragedies, sorrows, and iniquities should ultimately lift our gaze to the day when the sinful difficulties of life will be taken away and the formative tensions of life will only and fully point us toward the goodness and glory of Jesus. In other words, we should long for the day when our craving for meaning will be fully and finally satisfied in God himself.

The song “Chioma” is a song that describes the goodness of God and the price he paid for us. Get the audio HERE! 

You can as well join the ongoing fun at Frank Edwards social media platform @frankrichboy. All you needed to do is to download the karaoke version of his latest single ‘Chioma’ and  follow the rules on Frank Edwards Page on Instagram.  Download the karaoke version HERE!

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