PraisejamzTV: “Push Yourself” – Inspiring Motivational Speech Video

We tend to live in our comfort zones. Most people rarely, if ever, venture outside of theirs. For most, it’s about going through the motions. It is a life of routine, slackness, and minimal effort. Yet, to reach new heights you have to push yourself. You have to do the work. And you have to test your limits.

Getting past plateaus in our lives isn’t always about making those massive life changes like a job change, relocation, or changing your relationship status. Many people are happy with all of these aspects of their lives yet still, know they need to improve personally.

Only you know those weak spots and the actions you need to take to propel yourself forward. It may be being more sympathetic to people, it may be giving to others, it could be voicing your opinion in front of a crowd. Deep down each one of us knows our weaknesses and aspects of our life where we can improve.

The first step is being honest with yourself. It’s extremely easy to keep covering over our flaws instead of changing, to keep rationalizing instead of taking action. But take a second and think about where that’ll get you.

Once you’re aware of what you need to work on, start working right away. It takes conscious, sustained effort to stay focused on those areas of weakness. Write down your goals and constantly keep refreshing them in your mind to stay on track. As soon as you realize you’ve tackled those weaknesses, move onto other areas where you can improve. You’ll start to realize that working on yourself and improving every day becomes addicting. Self-improvement becomes a part of you and the whole process will energize you like nothing else can. You’re becoming a better version of yourself each day. How could you not want that?

“If you always do what you‘ve always done, you will always get what you‘ve always got. Push Yourself” So start today. Focus, work hard, and enjoy the process of becoming the greatest you can possibly be.

Above is a powerful motivational video that speaks about pushing yourself academically. Uploaded at Motiversity YouTube Channel. Press play above to watch, enjoy, get motivated and share.


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