Lauren Daigle Releases “Rescue” Music Video

Lauren Daigle releases the official music video to her song “Rescue”, a soul-lifting song from her album “Look Up Child”.

The sweeping ballad gets an equally majestic visual in the clip for the second single from the Grammy-winning album Look Up Child. Filmed over two days on the Knik Glacier in Alaska, it opens with Daigle walking along a blue stream cutting through a lunar-like, rocky landscape as she sings, “I hear you whisper underneath your breath/ I hear your S.O.S., your S.O.S..”

The scene then switches to a verdant green mountainside surrounded by snow-capped mountains as Daigle sheds her black robes in favor of an all-white outfit, singing the uplifting chorus to the beautiful vistas all around. In a statement, the singer says “Rescue” is the most personal song on Child, explaining, “It was written for someone very close to me who was going through a difficult time. I wanted something that would comfort them in their time of need. That’s the purpose of the song, to give hope to people who feel lost…the landscape is synonymous to the depth of healing that can take place where you feel void or empty. When hope arrives in such an expansive way it can rescue you.”

The video’s director, John Gray, added that he was going for “epic scenes, while also being intimate,” with the remoteness meant to symbolize “a simplicity and beauty that transforms as the song progresses.”

Press Play Above to “Rescue” Official Music Video by Lauren Daigle.


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