PraisejamzTV: “When It Hurts” – Inspiring Motivational Speech Video

You are a compilation of your past experiences. There have been amazing times, awful times and lots of things in between. We try to have positive moments all the time, but it doesn’t always happen that way. We often define broken hearts, crushed dreams, get hurts and other obstacles as setbacks and nothing more.

In reality, though, these so-called challenges that hurts us actually help us reconsider our current life path, and if we let them, may help us make life changes for the better.

But what about those tough, gut-wrenching situations you that you find little or no joy in? The fact that you’re here, reading this sentence, means you’ve survived and that is something to be celebrated.

You’ve probably heard that time heals all wounds. In your experience, has this always been true? Even if it has, what do you do until that time finally comes?

We cannot just wait and hope for things to get better. If we want to move forward with our lives, we need to at least try to make progress.

When it Hurts! Don’t you give up. We all struggle. Keep fighting forward. Above is a new powerful motivational speech and Motiversity first release with Coach Pain. Uploaded at Motiversity YouTube Channel. Press play above to watch, enjoy, get motivated and share. See More, CLICK HERE!

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