Top 20 Nigerian Gospel Songs 2019



Top 20 Nigerian Gospel Songs 2019

For those of you that don’t know, Gospel music has a soothing and calming effect that affects the brain positively. Gospel music can elevate your mood, and the lyrics have a way of elevating your spirituality to the next level. When the jagged edges of life are affecting you, gospel music can soften your problems and water down your stress levels. This is because gospel music acknowledges the frustrations of daily life, and it gives encouragement that makes it easy to move forward.

[NEW] Top 20 Nigerian Gospel Songs 2020 (So Far…)

Below are Praisejamzblog Top 20 Nigeria Gospel Songs of 2019 (January – December). This lovely gospel songs are ranked based on key fans interactions and the most streamed/downloaded songs on our website.


  • Frank Edwards – If Not For You

The self-produced track is a soul-lifting song of worship to God almighty. The new melodious worship song sees Frank Edwards offers deep worship and returning all glory to the Most High for his good work upon his life and endeavors. | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • Tim Godfrey – Toya

“Toya” which features the Multiple Grammy Award Winning Music Maestro “Israel Houghton” was recorded live at the Fearless Rebirth Concert in Eko Hotels and Suites. “ The song which speaks extensively of God’s might, undeniable powers and His ability to do the very impossible is produced by the SMJ for ROX Nation. | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • Dunsin Oyekan – Open Up

Dunsin’s offers deep worship in his new song ‘Open Up’. The song is a power packed song that will definitely stir you up to worship. Channels of my spirit/ Open up!/ I am with the Father/ Open up!/ No boundaries No limits / Open up!/ Let deep call unto deep/ Open up! | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • E Dey Work – Samsong

We are children of the light, we are taught to speak what we want to see. A lot of misconception and false doctrines are everywhere online, that it doesn’t work for you does not mean it won’t work for another. In simple terms E Dey Work”, Says Samsong! Samsong is popular Known for churning out hits back to back like Bianule, Odogwu, Capable God and so many others. Beyond the groovy the song is filled with prophetic declarations. What you speak is what you see and become. The song “E Dey Work” reaffirms that you are the first prophet over your life. |  DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • K I – Yabo

The song “Yabo” is an Hausa word which translates to “Thanksgiving”. The self produced track is a thanksgiving song to God for his faithfulness in his life. It serves as a follow-up to his previous hit track “In Your Name”. This song will surely bless y’all. |  DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • Mercy Chinwo – Akamdinelu

The song “Akamdinelu” by Mercy Chinwo mixes Eastern folk music with contemporary worship. The use of the Eastern dialect enriches the eulogies. Just yesterday, Mercy Chinwo was presented with a new Lexus by EeZee Conceptz to celebrate her birthday. The whole Mindustry was elated for Mercy as all agreed she has been a blessing of immense benefit to the body. | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • Eben – Agunechemba

The electrifying worship song featured the amazing vocals of an internationally acclaimed pianist & vocalist, Phil Thompson. Produced by “Chykeyzpro” for Hammer House Records. The song was recorded live during Eben’s Joyful Noise concert at Loveworld Arena. In the power-packed song “Agunechemba”, Eben and Phil Thompson offers deep worship to God Almighty. | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • TJ Onoja – Good God

With a minister’s heart, TJ Onoja delivers a simple yet powerful and engaging kingdom sound that captures the mind, spirit, soul and body, as he offers deep worship to God Almighty. His newest effort “Good God” is an addictive song which fuses irresistible melody, instrumental, coupled with thanks-filled lyrics for an uplifting yet groovy track. The song serves as a follow-up to his previous hit song “Your Name (Sunan Ka),” a power-packed song still blessing the lives of every listeners around the world. | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • IBK – Iyanu

The song “IYANU” is a Pop Gospel Song. “it’s a song that speaks so greatly of God’s endless ways. God is unfathomable, His power is undeniable and His ways are unimaginable! That’s the message of the song to everyone. I’m thankful to God for the privilege which is to share my music and the message of Christ to the world.” – Says IBK! | DOWNLOAD HERE


  • Judikay – Song Of Angels (Ndi Mo Zi)

The single is a window into the spiritual realities of worship. A peep into the ordinance of heaven and the manifestations that follows. The spirit-filled song “Song Of Angels (Ndi Mo Zi)” serves as a follow-up to the revival song “Fountain,” which was released in May, after the video for “Idinma.” | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • The Xplicits – Grace Revelation (Ft. Christa Deana)

The song “Grace Revelation” is a soul-lifting worship song that will definitely tune you into the atmosphere of worship effortlessly and your life will not be the same again. The song featured the amazing vocals of American multi-talented gospel minister “Christa Deana”. “I receive Grace, Grace, Grace/ I receive Grace/ To grow deeper in you” – In there lyrics! | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • Okey Sokay – Good God (Live)

The song ‘Good’ is a thanksgiving song recorded live at ‘The Transition’ home coming tour with Okey Sokay and Oyel Planet. The soul-lifting ballad describes God’s immense love and faithfulness towards us, how he alone can do what no man can do in our lives on a daily. “Jesus/You are so good/ What no man can do/ You Have done for me” – In His Lyrics! | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • Luchee – Onyenwem

The song “Onyenwem” is a powerful-ballad acknowledging how great God is and how he has been good to her. This is her first release after she emerged 5th runner-up in the Soundcheck Africa reality show. Indeed God has been faithful to her. | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • Yadah – Beyond Me

The song “Beyond Me” serves as a follow-up to her hit song “Free of Charge’. Yadah has over time consistently blessed the world with spirit-filled songs. The song was recorded live at the “Yadah Live in Concert (YALIC 2019). Speaking about the song, she says; “The song ‘Beyond Me’ talks about the love of the father, poured out regardless of the state we were in. Talks about mercy undeserved, righteousness as God covers us from the shame and guilt of our sins with the lamb (His son Jesus Christ). Every season is the season to talk about the cross and I’m excited to share this songs with the world.” | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • Nina – Without You

Nina - Without You

Speaking about the song ‘Without You’, Nina says; “Without You is a story about me being lost and visionless and then Jesus came to me like a shelter in the rain just like a fairy tale I have been enjoying the love of God.” | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • UB Praise – How Wonderful

[MUSIC] UB Praise - How Wonderful

The “How Wonderful” is a powerful-ballad that will definitely bless you, serving as a follow-up to his previous hit songs “Faithful You Are” and “God All By Yourself”, currently blessing the lives of every listener worldwide. The song “How Wonderful” was produced by “Romzy”at Romzy Studio in Abuja. | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • Victor John – He Cares

The song “He Cares” is a powerful-ballad that speaks. It serves as a follow-up to his previous releases, “This Jesus” in 2018 and “Yabo” earlier this year. “But I want you to know that He cares / He feels your pain He feels your hurt/ And He’s working it out all for your good / Just stay in His lovely arms/ You are the clay, He is the potter / And He’s making the best out of you / Just stay in His lovely arms / And see what you’ll become” – In his lyrics! | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • Jennifer Adiele – Distribute

Jennifer Adiele - Distribute

The song “Distribute” serves as a follow-up to her previous hit song ”Supernatural Flow”, which is still blessing the lives of every listeners. The song ‘Distributed is a soul-lifting worship song that will definitely bless and lift you up effortlessly to a realm of God’s endless blessings and miracles.”Blessings From The Lord/ Is Ready To Rain From Heaven/ Blessings From Above / Is Ready To Fill All Lives/ For The Miracles Of God/ Is Set To Be Distributed/ Ready Your Heart/ As It Pours Like Rain” – In Jennifer’s Lyrics! | DOWNLOAD HERE!



  • Laura Abios – Legit God

[MUSIC] Laura Abios - Legit God

Speaking about this song, Laura Abio reveals explicitly; “I am so excited about this song. God Almighty is too ‘Legit’ to fail or disappoint you. When you call on him he will definitely answer, if you fall he will pick you up and set you on your feet. He is Credible, Trustworthy, Reliable, Capable, and Dependable. As you dance and praise Him with this song, the ‘Legit God’ will seat on your matter and handle your case.” | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • Sayah Anthony – Halle (ft. Sweetleke)

[MUSIC] Sayah Anthony - Halle (Ft. Sweetleke)

In the song “Halle” Sayah Anthony and the ‘Holy Ghost’ crooner, Sweetleke offers deep worship to God. Speaking about the song, Sayah Anthony says, “Hale is a prophetic song birthed from the womb of the spirit and will ascend you to fellowship with Jesus.” The song was produced by ‘G-ben”. | DOWNLOAD HERE!


  1. Thank you for sharing. Great songs. I can’t stop listening to “Good God” by TJ Onoja. I am proud of my Country Gospel artiste


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