[MUSIC] Nosa – Dry Bones

[MUSIC] Nosa - Dry Bones

Following up his spirit-filled ode to God’s love, “Na Your Way”, Nosa returns with “Dry Bones” – an inspirational song and reminder to stand tall in the face of challenges.

Nosa’s “Dry Bones” is a beacon of hope. In a world which constantly churns out reasons to be sad or downcast, it is a breath of fresh optimism which is firmly rooted in God’s never-ending faithfulness. The song’s many elements perfectly combine to create a thoroughly moving masterpiece. Its majestic strings; resounding and emphatic drums; the spine-tingling croon of the harmonious choir. They all perfectly complements Nosa’s deft song writing and unmistakeable silvery vocals.

The song is accompanied by powerful visuals which could very well see it pick up an award for video of the year. Between its gorgeous scenic shots, clever motifs, camera movements, and moving contemporary dance numbers, it is a cinematic delight.

Stream, download, enjoy and share below!

Press play below to watch “Dry Bones” Official Music Video by “Nosa”.

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  1. Great song

  2. I enjoyed my streaming. More grace Nosa

  3. Congratulations NOsa. Beautiful song

  4. What a lovely masterpiece. Thank you for sharing

  5. I love the uniqueness of Nosa’s songs. Lovely concept. Keep it up sir

  6. Niece one Praisejanz. Thumbs Up

  7. I just purchased the song. Thank you for sharing

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