[MUSIC] Wande – Be the Light


[MUSIC] Wande - Be the Light

Gearing up for her Reach Records label debut with her new EP Exit dropping on April 24, Wande has unveiled her second single “Be the Light,” available wherever music is streamed and the lyric video available for viewing below.

“Tonight/ Don’t let these moments pass you by/ Like a star, we shine bright/ We’re lighting up the sky/ Let’s be the light/ (Be the light, be the light)/ Be the light, tonight/ Be the light (Be the light, be the light)/ Let’s be the light, tonight/ Let’s be-be the light” – In Her Lyrics!

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: https://taplink.cc/omgitswande

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Press play below to watch “Be the Light” Lyrics Video by Wande.

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