Tobi Releases “Facts”

[MUSIC & VIDEO] Tobi - Facts

Nigerian Christian rapper, poet, lyricist and singer, Oluwatobi Solomon Oyeyemi popularly known as “Tobi” inspires with a brand new song accompanied by an amazing visual titled “Facts” (Her only crime was being good looking).

Tobi was born in the city of Jimeta in Adamawa state, Nigeria. He was raised in a family of three, grew up loving music and was a huge fan of poetry which birthed his love for rap music.  He’s a graduate of Geology from the ‘Salem University in Kogi state.

Speaking about the song, Tobi pens down; “Sometimes it feels like my heart is failing me as it breaks at the news of crimes as intense like RAPE and it feels like all I want to do is rain fire and brimstone on perpetrators and the heartless human that engages in rape. It is seen, felt and thought to be inhuman to think of such an act. But as we look forward beyond pain, tears and scares, we hope to shine the light and struck a thought into the heart of everyone who has humanity at heart to give love and peace a chance so we all could walk past the stigma it already created into a future free of any crime against God and humanity.”

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