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Top5 Hottest Gospel Songs Currently Trending From Last Week

For those of you that don’t know, Gospel music has a soothing and calming effect that affects the brain positively. Gospel music can elevate your mood, and the lyrics have a way of elevating your spirituality to the next level. When the jagged edges of life are affecting you, gospel music can soften your problems and water down your stress levels. This is because gospel music acknowledges the frustrations of daily life, and it gives encouragement that makes it easy to move forward.

Without wasting so much of your time, here are the top5 hottest gospel songs currently rocking on your fastest and favorite gospel music blog.

NOTE: “The lovely gospel songs below are ranked based on key fans interactions and the most streamed/downloaded songs on our website as from last week.”

5) [MUSIC] Regina Yahweh – Yahweh

[MUSIC] Regina Yahweh - Yahweh

When asked about the song “Yahweh”, Regina Yahweh reveals that; “The song ‘Yahweh’ is a gospel worship song that will encourage God’s people to hold their peace while God fights for us, the Lord who created us is still on his throne, he will guide and reorganize our destiny in Jesus name. He never forsake his people.”

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4) [MUSIC] Light Ufane – Above All

[MUSIC] Light Ufane - Above All

When asked about his latest effort “Above All,” Light Ufane pens down; “The song ‘Above All’ is a a song I received by divine grace in the church while our pastor Paul Eneche was preaching, I was suppose to be listening but somehow I started imaging a female singer in my own desired dream band, singing and ministering a song I wrote for her, and while she was singing I started writing the song where I was sitting and I stood up and went out and recorded the song in my phone on voice record and I continued with it after service and I wrote the verse also imagining her singing it until I finished what we now have as Above All, isn’t that strange and funny? may be, but that is how I Received the song under in the church while my Daddy Dr pastor Paul Enenche was preaching, Glory be to God Almighty the inspiration Giver, Amen”.

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3) ]MUSIC] Molisa – ZOE

Molisa - ZOE

When asked about her latest effort “ZOE,” Molisa pens down; “I was inspired by the Holy Ghost and my daily confession to write this song. This song will rejuvenate and bring forth joy that is in your spirit In Psalm 149 vs 2 to 3 The Psalmist enjoins us to be joyful in our King and praise His Name in a dance.”

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2) [MUSIC] Milcah Kefas – Grateful

The song “Grateful” is her second single off her soon to be released project. The song is her personal way of appreciating God for the finished work of Christ. It is her sincere desire that everyone that listens would come to the realization of what grace has accomplished for us through the finished work of Jesus.

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1) [MUSIC] Dunsin Oyekan – More Than a Song

[MUSIC] Dunsin Oyekan - More Than a Song

Speaking about the song, Dunsin Oyekan pens down via his YouTube Channel; “Worship is more than a song… Friends, this should be our proper response to God’s marvellous mercies, that you surrender yourselves to God to be His sacred, living sacrifices. And live in holiness, experiencing all that delights His heart. For this becomes your genuine expression of Worship.”

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