[MUSIC] Ian Mitchell – Another Airplane


[MUSIC] Ian Mitchell - Another Airplane'

Ian Mitchell serves up a brand new song titled “Another Airplane”. The song shares his story of missing his family and missing the memories and moments with his kids while he is traveling for work.

Ian Mitchell is a singer-songwriter who lives in Tennessee with his wife and three children. His interest in music and songwriting began at a young age, and he is passionate about using all the aspects of his life to make the world a better place. As a leading voice in the financial crimes prevention community, he wants to see the two mountains of the arts and business merge. He believes uniting these two industries will help create change in the world around him.

Music is a powerful tool that can be used to inspire, change, and influence people around us. Ian’s music tells a story of personal transformation, and his storytelling style of writing captivates each listener.

The song “Another Airplane” is the 4th song in a series released by Ian Mitchell about finding purpose in work, life, and family.

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: https://music.apple.com/us/album/another-airplane-single/1522611980

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