[MUSIC] Kingsley Etim & Selfless – Overwhelming


[MUSIC] Kingsley Etim & Selfless - Overwhelming

Kingsley Etim & Selfless returns with yet another brand new song titled “Overwhelming” produced by “Ocha Manenos”.

Kingsley Etim is a youthfully multi talented gospel artist, a visionary of “Kingsley Etim and Selfless”, quite phenomenal with their music sounds and wording presentation depicted in their music tracks ranging from “Na you be God”, “Emende” which means ‘Lift high’ in Nigeria native (Efik) language, and now a new track titled ‘overwhelming’.

When asked about the song, Kingsley Etim reveals that; “The song “Overwhelming” is a captivating, soul lifting and mind blowing song that’ll spur up your emotions into gratitude, praise, joyfulness, jubilation, good and simple wording to sing along when listening to the song, quite a vibe full song to look out for, its so praise satisfying for listening.”

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Overwhelming Lyrics by Kingsley Etim & Selfless 

What the Lord has done
Its too overwhelming (4×)

What the Lord has done
Nobody can comprehend
What the Lord has done is super amazing
You have never fail in all the earth
What you say you will do
That what you’ll do
Lead:You put a new song in my mouth to sing.
Bv:Its too overwhelming
Lead:You’ve given me reasons to smile
Bv:Its too overwhelming
Lead:Olisakeluwa sosogibuchi
(The creator of the earth
Only you are God)

Bv;Its too overwhelming
Lead:I have a new testimony
Bv:Its too overwhelming
I’m overwhelming
Chorus I’m overwhelmed4x
For your miracles
I’m overwhelmed
For your blessings
I’m overwhelmed
Lead:What you have done
Bv:It’s too overwhelming

Eyes can now see
Ears have heard it all
The wonders of your greatness
Indeed you’re not a man
You have never change in all the earth
What you say you’ll do
That’s what you’ll do
You put a new song in my mouth to sing
Bv;Its too overwhelming
Lead;You’ve given me reasons to smile
Bv:Its too overwhelming
Lead:inewukaoku sosogibuchi
(You shine like light only you are God)
Bv:Its too overwhelming
Lead: chikwuruokwu yemezuo
(The God that spoke and it came to pass)
Bv:Its too overwhelming
Lead: ISI iye nkendu
(River of life)

Lead/Bv:I’m overwhelmed 4x
For the breakthrough
I’m overwhelmed
For the success
I’m overwhelmed 4x
(mighty in battle)
I’m overwhelmed
Isi iye nkendu
I’m overwhelmed 3×
(He leads me in my ways)
I’m overwhelmed
What you have done
It’s too overwhelming

Lead: Let us dance together
Two steps forward
And two steps backward

Two steps to the left
And two steps to the right
Nzoputa nkeanyi ga ewekwa
(He’s the only salvation we can get..)

Lead:= ngwanu bia kanyi gbaegwu
(Oya come let’s dance)

Somebody scream..
Lead: chinemenma obinatomuto
(God that does good my heart is rejoicing)

I’m overwhelmed
For the breakthrough
Bv:I’m overwhelmed
Lead: for your miracles
Bv:I’m overwhelmed
Lead:For the success
Bv:I’m overwhelmed
For the blessings
Bv:I’m overwhelmed
Lead:For your kindness
Bv:I’m overwhelmed
I’m overwhelmed 4×
Everything super natural
Super super amazing
Lead:What you have done..
Bv:It’s too overwhelming
What you have done nobody can do
So amazing.

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