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Top5 Hottest Gospel Songs Currently Trending From Last Week

For those of you that don’t know, Gospel music has a soothing and calming effect that affects the brain positively. Gospel music can elevate your mood, and the lyrics have a way of elevating your spirituality to the next level. When the jagged edges of life are affecting you, gospel music can soften your problems and water down your stress levels. This is because gospel music acknowledges the frustrations of daily life, and it gives encouragement that makes it easy to move forward.

Without wasting so much of your time, here are the top5 hottest gospel songs currently rocking on your fastest and favorite gospel music blog.

NOTE: “The lovely gospel songs below are ranked based on key fans interactions and the most streamed/downloaded songs on our website as from last week.”

5) Sopben – You Have Won the Grave

[MUSIC] Sopben - You Have Won the Grave

Sopben latest effort “You Have Won the Grave” serves as a follow-up to his previously released song titled “Chukwu Bu Ikem”.

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4) Emma Asogwa – Taking Over (Ft. Chizi Ezugwu)

[MUSIC] Emmee Best - Taking Over

Speaking about his latest effort “Taking over”, Emma pens down; “The song “Taking Over” is a divine declaration, and total exercise of Dominion over and above all principalities, powers and authorities in high places other than that of the Almighty God. The song is timely, because now is the right time to take over in every aspect of life to restore greatness among the down trodden. Its born out of divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit.”

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3) John Golden – Apple of His Eyes

[MUSIC] John Golden - Apple of His Eyes

The song “Apple of his eyes” is a worship song, a soul lifting song which reminds us of God’s love, promises and compassion towards us as the Apple of his eyes. The song moves inline with Zacharias 2:8, which reminds us that he has sent us to the nations of the earth and who ever touches us touches the Apple of his eye.

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2) [MUSIC] Chijioke Emmanuel – Your Presence

[MUSIC] Chijioke Emmanuel - Your Presence

When asked about the song, Chijioke Emmanuel reveals that the song was birth when ‘Seeking God’. Seeking the Lord means seeking his presence. “Presence” is a common translation of the Hebrew word “face.” Literally, we are to seek his “face.” But this is the Hebraic way of having access to God. To be before his face is to be in his presence.

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1) [MUSIC] UC Ken & Divine Worshipers – I Trust You Yahweh

[MUSIC] UC Ken & Divine Worshipers - I Trust You Yahweh

When asked about the song, UC Ken pens down; “The song ‘I trust u Yahweh’ came as a result of the recent happenings, knowing that we have a God that will never fail so we should always put our trust in Him. No matter the circumstances, trials and tribulations we are facing.”

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