Donzizi Releases New Single “More to Life” (Feat. Mo Bliss)

[MUSIC] Donzizi - More to Life (Ft. Mo Bliss)

After a short hiatus, Gospel hip hop artiste and prolific songwriter, Donzizi returns with yet another inspiring song titled “More to Life”, the compelling follow-up to his previously released chart-topping song titled “Fly Away”.

Donzizi whose full name is Azeez Oseni is a music producer and sound engineer. He has produced several artists behind the scenes but decided to put out his own work in 2020. He is a medical doctor and a public health expert who has touched lives both physically and spiritually.

The song ‘More to Life’ is his sophomore single and explores the deeper meaning and higher purpose behind our existence on earth. The song features the super-talented Mo Bliss on the hook and was produced and engineered by Donzizi himself at Allnaijabeats Studios.

Donzizi shares about the song “This song asks a question no scientist has been able to answer.: ‘what existed before the Big Bang?’ If there is no God, then who created the universe and what was before?”

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Connect With Donzizi
Instagram: @donzizi
Twitter: @azeezoseni
YouTube: Allnaijabeats

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  1. Great song

  2. Blessed. More grace bro

  3. Ride on Zizi, The lord got your back. Deep lyrics and meaning

  4. Nice song, very inspiring

  5. Solomon Raphael

    Truly, there is more to our physical life. There is eternal life. Go on Don Zizi and tell the world about the epiphany we have in Christ Jesus. You shall fulfill your ministry. Great beat and wonderful lyrics!

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